Invariably relevant classics are sweaters, which are presented in a wide variety of styles and color solutions. In such clothes, any man will always feel comfortable, and his appearance remains impeccable and stylish. Let us dwell in more detail on the features of this item of men’s wardrobe, models and tips for choosing. By the way, on the De Facto website you can find a wide variety of models of sweaters for both men and women.

Distinctive Features

The history of men’s sweaters goes back to the middle of the 19th century. In those days, it was one of the elements of the traditional clothing of the peoples living in the northern part of Europe. A little later, sweaters began to be worn for the purpose of losing weight – it was believed that active sports in it contribute to increased sweating and, as a result, help get rid of unnecessary fat.

Soon the sailors appreciated the merits of this warm woolen clothing, and in the 20th century, athletes involved in skiing, skating and other winter sports began to use it everywhere. A few years later, this type of clothing was adopted by the military. In the 70s, the popularity of wool sweaters began to decline, but at that time the industry introduced acrylic products – they are in the greatest demand today. Sweaters in various types of wool and other materials can be ordered on the De Facto website. Follow the pinned link.

In the classic version, the sweater is a knitted product with a high collar more than 5 cm wide, without any fasteners. However, over time, this requirement has become less stringent. The sweater has several more modern variations.

The pullover is a tight knit sweater with a V-shaped deep collar. As a rule, it is made of fine wool or knitted fabric.

The jumper gained popularity thanks to a small clasp at the throat, which can be located in the middle or asymmetrically. Such products are sewn from thin fabric.

Sweaters are in demand among men of different ages, builds and social status. The feeling of warmth and comfort that this piece of clothing gives makes you choose it, and designers tirelessly create new styles and complement their fashion collections with them.

Sweaters are presented in a wide variety of original models and styles. Many of them have already become classics, an integral element of the style of any modern man. Let’s take a closer look at popular styles and models. By the way, any of the presented can be ordered on the De Facto website. Follow the pinned link!

Large-knit products invariably attract attention. They combine brutality and softness at the same time. Nowadays, such products can have a wide variety of styles. Most often, these are models up to the middle of the thigh, although more elongated options will also be relevant in the cold season. Quite often, these sweaters are made a little fitted.

The sweatshirt is another popular type of sweater. Its difference from the classic styles is that there is a wide strip at the very end of the sleeves, as well as a triangular insert at the neck. Initially, it was created to absorb the sweat of athletes, but over time it became a decorative element. For more than two decades, the sweatshirt has been a popular garment due to its comfortable wear and eye-catching design.

A model with a collar is a versatile garment that can be worn in any situation. However, it is important to ensure that the throat does not stretch, otherwise the sweater will lose its aesthetic appearance very quickly.

Golf is a product made of thin material with a high neck. The model is comfortable to wear, it is optimal for men who do not have problems with being overweight. But overweight men, such styles will make even more massive, they should give preference to other options.

Cardigan. This kind of sweaters harmoniously looks as part of multi-layered ensembles. The cardigan can be worn with scarves and ties, as well as shirts and t-shirts.

Important! The noodle model is popular, as well as oversized products.

In future articles, together with De Facto, we will continue to analyze men’s clothing. Follow the link to the De Facto website and choose the best sweaters at an affordable price!