What kind of jeans do you prefer: strict classic, military style, or narrowed down? There are a huge number of styles, directions and firms. There are summer, winter and demi-season. But if we talk about the male direction in jeanswear, then the specifications are somewhat larger than in the female part of the segment. From smart casual to hiking.

How To Choose Jeans?

For example, take jeans for a walk with a child. They must be extremely practical, wearable and waterproof. This is necessary so that in conditions of changing weather the fabric does not get wet, and you do not worry about getting dirty. Moreover, it is very important that while moving through the park, the jeans do not cling to the bushes. So that, at the most crucial moment, the fabric is not torn, and the body is not affected. For this, Kevlar thread is used in such jeans. It does not break even when falling on the pavement or a deep hook. At the same time, it protects the lower limbs very well from sharp objects that can be accidentally bumped into.

A distinctive feature of these jeans is their noiselessness and comfort while wearing. In addition, special holes are made on the upper belt of jeans for metal buttons from suspenders. Here, I would like to pay attention to the fasteners that securely support the jeans and withstand a large load when exposed to the surface of the fabric. They are of high quality, stretch and tighten well, depending on the model, they have metal or impact-resistant plastic buckles that adjust the height of the braces. Usually, the attachment points of metal fittings are made of genuine leather or other durable natural or synthetic material.

Walking jeans are very relevant for parents whose child is more than one year old. Naturally, with a regular promenade for a child, you need an eye and an eye, but it is not always possible to react in time without prejudice to outerwear.

Therefore, experts recommend, in order to protect yourself as much as possible, to purchase just such a kit specifically for going out of town to a barbecue or cottage. And if you take into account the extreme practicality of such jeans, you will not be afraid of any falls or abrasions that you can get by chance.

In addition, such clothes are very easy to wash. This factor is important, since the child often asks for hands and, of course, stains his trousers, T-shirt or jumper. In such cases, jeans for walks and trips out of town are an indispensable item for fathers who regularly walk with their children.