Vacation can be spent on the sea or near the lake, literally in any month of the year, but still the traditional vacation time is summer. In this article, we will look at what men’s beach fashion is in 2022, what models and colors are recommended by designers around the world, and how to choose the most stylish swim trunks.

The beach is not only a place for swimming, but also a great place for a picnic, board games, walks and other ways to spend time with pleasure. Consider items of clothing that are designed not only for swimming, but also for leisure on the beach. However, any garment can be custom-designed. By the way, you can order this service along with a T-shirt or other clothes in the Latostadora online store.


Summer beach shorts, if they are not designed for swimming, are usually made from natural materials or breathable artificial fabrics. Manufacturers offer models with a zipper or elastic – you can choose a convenient option. Green is in fashion, including camouflage. Also, you can safely choose the classic colors – white or black. Jeans never go unfashionable – these shorts are suitable for any bow. They can capture any image that you like from Latostadora.

Sports short shorts and long, loose Bermuda shorts are in trend. Sports shorts do not restrict movement, suitable for any kind of leisure on the beach – from playing volleyball to gatherings near the fire. Bermudas, on the other hand, hide the knees, are more free and will look great even if you walk around the city. The shorts look great both with a fashionable top and with a bare torso. And to emphasize individuality, you can order a drawing on the front side of the shorts from Latostadora.


The shirt emphasizes pumped up arms and torso. This is an excellent choice for everyone who cannot imagine their life without a gym or outdoor activities. This season, choose T-shirts in classic colors – white or black. The shirt will not restrict movement when playing during the game or, if you prefer not to sit still, but to get everything from vacation. T-shirt is best combined just with a sporty style. Moreover, you can apply any image on the surface of the front side from Latostadora. This will emphasize individuality and distinguish among others.


T-shirt is a classic solution for summer wardrobe. Wearing a T-shirt, you can spend time on the beach, go on an excursion or go for a walk around the city – in each option, the T-shirt will perfectly complement the image and will not look improper. Especially if you apply an image from the Latostadora online store.

Classic t-shirts are in fashion, straight or slightly fitted models. It will look stylish if you choose the oversized option. In this case, you can apply a picture that will highlight it. This can be done in the Latostadora online store.

Relief figure can be emphasized with a tight-fitting T-shirt. White and black colors do not go out of fashion, although it is better to choose light shades for being under the sun. Individuality is in trends, so feel free to choose t-shirts with prints or unusual decor. The Latostadora online store will help with this.

Which Swim Trunks to Choose?

Swimming trunks are an indispensable attribute at sea! You can choose a comfortable style – classic, boxers and shorts. You need to select swimming trunks based on your own convenience and preferences. For the beach, they usually take swimming shorts – they are comfortable, and they do not restrict movement. For variety, apply a colorful pattern that would make you stand out from the crowd. This is done by the online store Latostadora.

It is important to choose the right size – comfort and a harmonious appearance depend on it. Pay attention to the choice of quality materials. Swimming trunks from a trusted manufacturer dry within half an hour, do not cause skin irritation and are dyed with a permanent dye. So, if you apply a pattern to the surface, the color will not fade even after a vacation at sea. This service can be ordered in the Latostadora online store.

T-shirts, sweatshirts and other clothes can be ordered along with prints and patterns in the Latostadora online store. Beauty and quality – above all! Have a nice summer holiday!