Wild, crazy, elegant or even sensitive – leather perfumes may be so different? Which one is yours? Do you prefer causing a wild and unrestrained impression of a running panther across the jungles? Or, your perfect scent is a smell of expensive, glorious leather gloves? Popular brands have already prepared fragrances for every taste and budget. Niche, elite and mass-market categories include various perfumes in this field.

How to Choose the Right Fragrance?

Nothing simpler! Just imagine yourself standing in the middle of a square full of people. Such a crowded place, but nevertheless. Let yourself smell different aromas – fresh croissants from the nearest bakery, light and herbaceous tulips’ fragrance. Maybe, someone is going on a date… Try to catch every smell before you will notice your own. What is it? This simple exercise with a few associations help determine the way you really feel. Perfumes should represent your personality, highlighting some features and characteristics you want everyone to notice. Vice versa is also true!

So, how did you feel yourself? What about hot, amber and spicy leather of African mammals? Or, are you more into leather from European tanners? It is usually perfumed with flowers and juicy berries. There is a huge difference between Oriental leather perception and European or even African ones. The choice mainly depend on your temper and personality. If your family and friends call you a spark or flame, then classic, neat and polished perfumes aren’t your type. You may need something more extravagant and defiant. So, pay attention to various niche brands like Memo, Acqua Di Parma and others.

For example, Memo Paris has a giant collection of aromas in this field. From Italian and Irish Leather to Oriental and Russian ones. They are incredibly different and have nothing in common with each other, representing the mood and state of each region. The brand gives 1 main leather accord under the prism of different cultures. Exciting, isn’t it?

Features Of Leather Fragrances

Have you even thought about trying a maximum unisex aroma? Leather perfume is what everyone can use without limits. The same goes for your age. It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 90 – find the most suitable fragrance, and you are on a top!

This accord may be balanced and diluted with various additional components like flowers, tomato leafs, fruits and citruses, wood or even salt. So you can find absolutely different and unique compositions from deep, dark and smoky to light and barely perceptible ones.

Anyway, if you have no ideas of what to buy, but wish to find your ideal leather fragrance, we recommend going to a shopping mall and test each perfume. Helpful assistants will give you a hand to deep dive into a history of every cologne, edt and edp fragrances. Or, you can offer testers, sample and mini formats to try them at home and come up with the best variant. Good luck!