Total War: WARHAMMER III is one of the best strategy games of the decade, if not the best. It was in this format that the full potential of the WARHAMMER Fantasy Battle world with its elaborate and endless lore was revealed!

It was from this board that the formation of the entire universe of the Hammer of War began. Later, WARHAMMER 40000 appeared, which develops, as it were, in a parallel dimension, but according to the same laws as the fantasy world. It all starts with the same ancients who created the main races of the slanns, lizardmen, elves, humans, dwarves and orcs. According to one version, the orcs are not a very successful experiment of the ancients. If in the Forty-Thousanders the orcs are a weapon that the ancients created to fight the necrons and the C’tan – the star gods, then in Fantasy Battle they were presented as a mistake of the ancients, with whom they did not know what to do.

Of course, as is customary in the WARHAMMER universe, nothing foreshadowed the breakthrough of the forces of chaos, but it happened through the portals that the ancients left behind.

In this part, everything is tied to Ursun, the bear god of Kislev, who heralds the arrival of spring with his roar. He was captured by the ancient demon Be’lakor. Prince Yuriy, sent to rescue him, was deceived by the entity described above and mortally wounded Ursun, after which he himself becomes a demon-prince. After this preface, the game begins.

Some of France are looking for the bear god to seize his power, and some to free him. But for everyone, without exception, the path lies to the north, into the domain of chaos. There will be the most serious test for the player.

On the highest difficulty level, it will not be easy to complete the campaign for any of the races. The developers pulled the developments in artificial intelligence from Total War: Three Kingdoms, which guarantees interesting AI moves. This was very much lacking in the previous parts of Total War: WARHAMMER. Here it is worth paying tribute to the developers who listened to the opinion of the fans. And in general, despite the shortcomings in the previous series, they transferred the atmosphere of hopelessness of dark fantasy almost perfectly.

WARHAMMER is not a world of victorious good or evil. This is a universe where light forces are not entirely light, and chaos and darkness are not as unambiguous as they are represented, for example, in The Lord of the Rings. Here, everything is repelled by the nature and the plan of dimensions in which certain entities are located.

For example, the gods of chaos are not bad because they are bad, but because they have absorbed the emanations of feelings, emotions and actions of people. They combine in themselves, if you look closely, all the shades, both negative and positive. Consider Khorne. This is not only the god of rage, hatred and carnage, he embodies military prowess, honour and courage. Strategic and tactical planning of war, respect for a worthy enemy.

The same can be said about Tzeentch, who embodies the thirst for knowledge, wisdom and magic. He is the arbiter of fate, and not always for the worse. We can only say one thing: the gods in WARHAMMER Fantasy Battle are irrelevant to anyone or anything. All in your hands!