More than once or twice, people who are engaged in active physical exercises complained that they could not lose weight. Although, they put great effort into it. Of course, you need to stabilize your diet. But if you have long enough workouts and, at the same time, you are constantly moving, then numerous calories are burned automatically. Another thing is if you have a limited amount of time for sports. Then, your faithful assistant in losing weight is L-carnitine. What it is? Let’s figure it out together with MyProtein shop!

What’s L-carnitine Itself?

Foremost, what you need to know about this amino acid is a substance synthesized in the liver and kidneys, which plays one of the fundamental roles in the metabolism of our body. The synthesis of levocarnitine requires the participation of vitamins C, B3, B6, B9, B12, iron, lysine, methionine (as a source of methyl groups) and a number of enzymes. Therefore, in modern sports supplements, with the active amino acid L-carnitine, the entire group of vitamins is present. Like in our online store.

How Does It Work?

Along with carbohydrates, fats are the main sources of energy. The formation of energy from fats depends on the coordinated work of many enzymes and carriers. The final and one of the most important stages of this process is the oxidation of fatty acids and the synthesis of ATP in mitochondria. The level of ATP synthesis depends on the intake of fatty acids into the mitochondria. The key participant in this process is L-carnitine, which transports long-chain fatty acids to mitochondria through the inner membrane of the latter, in which they are β-oxidized to acetyl-CoA with its subsequent utilization.

In other words, in order for our body to start shedding excess fat, it must be redirected to direct cell nutrition. How does it work? L-carnitine breaks down fat and transports it directly into the cell, creating an energy potential, which is transformed into increased muscle endurance. This is because during active workouts, the body first consumes the store of fat from the muscles, which leads to exhaustion and loss of muscle mass. Carnitine, on the other hand, begins to break down visceral fat, which accumulates on the organs, and then subcutaneous. For example, it converts bad cholesterol on the walls of heart valves into fuel. Consequently, it removes the problem of diseases of the cardiovascular system, removing the problem of active blood circulation. More about each product, you can read on MyProtein!

Moreover, L-carnitine helps to produce natural testosterone, which is suppressed during catabolism. This is especially actual for overweight people. That is, we get fat primarily from the stress hormone cortisol. By the way, with the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine, when the body has a normal percentage of testosterone, there are no panic attacks and no permanent anxiety, uncertainty and fear disappear. In other words: normal weight is a stable endocrine system that guarantees an adequate release of the hormones that our body needs. At the same time, the mental state of a person also returns to normal. And this is all in the presence of L-carnitine in the body! Check MyProtein for the best prices!