Dresses made of merino wool, angora, mohair and cashmere combine exquisite lightness, impeccable comfort and elegant style. These unique features are relentlessly emphasized by designers who offer new cuts that set the course for global fashion towards femininity and soft forms. By the way, the best dresses can be bought on the Pretty Lavish website.

Knitted Women’s Dresses

Associations with the words “wool” and “knitted” invariably cause fear among girls, because such clothes add volume to the silhouette, make them fuller. But fashionable knitted dresses, made with a focus on harmony, break this pattern. They can be tight-fitting and free, play the role of everyday and evening wear, have any length. There is also no seasonal binding, because stylish models are relevant both in winter and on the beach. It depends on the density of the material used and the knitting technology. Dresses made of the highest quality English wool can be ordered at the Pretty Lavish online store.

Long Knitted Dress

The maximum length is no longer an attribute of exclusively evening dresses. Practical floor-length knitted dresses are appropriate in the office, on a walk, or at a business meeting. They are indispensable in the autumn-spring and winter season, when you do not want to give up the most feminine component of the wardrobe – dresses, sacrificing comfort for the sake of attractiveness. The overwhelming majority of maxi models have a tight-fitting straight cut, so they are not for everyone. Women with curvaceous forms should be approached with caution. Dresses of any cut and size can be purchased at the Pretty Lavish online store.

Short Knitted Dress

Periodically, this length is criticized and temporarily loses its relevance, but it is not destined to get to the back of fashion. Stylish knitted mini-dresses give you the opportunity to show off your slender legs. It is easy to create everyday and evening bows based on them, and the length favors the variability of the cut. The most requested styles include:

  • straight (loose or tight-fitting);
  • A-shaped;
  • trapezoidal.

You should not focus on the neckline with a deep neckline, which, in combination with the mini length, looks defiant, and sometimes even vulgar. If you have an imperfect belly and an unexpressed waist, a properly selected belt or belt will come in handy, and the silhouette will visually stretch the V-shaped neckline. Knitted short midi dresses can be ordered on the Pretty Lavish website.

Knitted Midi Dress

Considering stylish knitted dresses, it is impossible not to mention medium-length models. It is considered universal, because it is suitable for any occasion. Women who are forced to follow the rules of the office dress code have a special love for such models. Soft, cozy, warm dresses just below or just above the knee are an excellent way to remain attractive without worrying about comfort. By changing accessories, adding jackets, vests and cardigans, you can experiment with everyday looks every day, using just one basic model of a knitted dress. The best mid-length dresses can be ordered on the Pretty Lavish website.

Knitted Winter Dresses

The most comfortable models today are presented in a huge stylistic range. Surprisingly warm knitted dresses, relevant in the coming season, are united by one trend – a course towards romance. Plasticity and impeccable shape retention of knitted and woolen fabrics inspire designers to create exquisite feminine models. They are distinguished by semi-fitted styles, loose hems and an asymmetrical cut. Modern fashion standards include a wide line of shoulders, a complex cut of extended sleeves, and a medium length.

Knitted Dress Sweater

Particular attention is riveted to warm models, reminiscent of long sweaters. Their characteristic features are a wide cut, an elastic band on the hem and sleeves, a round neck and a length that demonstrates slender legs as much as possible. Such models are decorated with a variety of braids, aran, snakes and bumps – patterns. They allow you to give the canvas volume, original texture. Geometry, stripes, and floral motifs are in demand. A knitted dress with deer, snowflakes and other Scandinavian patterns can claim the status of a classic. By the way, these models can be bought on the Pretty Lavish website.

Knitted Tunic Dresses

A knitted dress with a long sleeve came into fashion a long time ago, and girls owe the appearance of this practical model to the ancient Romans. Initially, the baggy robes used as household robes had only openings for the head and arms. Modern models offered by designers are characterized by the following features:

  • straight or trapezoid cut;
  • sleeves of any length;
  • length below the middle of the thigh;
  • the presence of cuts on the sides;
  • collar collar, round or V-shaped mouth.

Knitted models look great with tight trousers, skinny jeans, leggings and leggings. Slender girls who are not afraid to look bold are allowed to wear tunics with tight or nylon tights. Openwork models with a mesh structure, made of cotton or linen yarn, are worn as beach dresses.

Knitted Oversized Dress

Modern fashion is characterized by the denial of the canons, and clothing acts only as a tool for expressing the inner freedom of the individual. Girls prefer uncompromisingly comfortable things, among which it is worth noting a knitted bag dress resembling a large sweater. They have specific features:

  • Big size. Loose knitted dresses for short women can be up to four sizes larger than the one they wear. Tall ones are recommended to choose models that are two sizes larger.
  • Texture game. Stylists advise combining coarse knit models with knitted leggings or jeans, characterized by a smooth texture.
  • When creating an oversized look, do not abuse bright colors. The best colors for dresses are pastels and neutrals.

Trying on the most beautiful oversized knitted dresses, you should not worry about excessive volume. Paradoxically, such models are able not only to successfully hide too lush hips, a weakly defined waist line and an imperfect stomach, but also to emphasize slimming!

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