Denim clothes are the most comfortable and wearable among all variants. We all choose it for work, trips, walking and even dates, as it may look either attractive and casual or sporty and universal. There are so many models and types that you can easily get lost while picking the variant that suits you perfectly. Bootcut, skinny, high-waisted, jeggings, mom fit and so on. We decided to help you with this by creating a super-informative guide!


If we talk about fashion, then bootcut jeans will be perfect with… boots! Unexpectedly. Cossack shoes, sneakers and other variants will look cool together with such jeans. If we talk about health and body shape, then this is an ideal model for people with widened shin or ankle area. For example, after a trauma.

High-waisted Jeans

High-waisted models look great with the tucked shirt or any other top. They add some volume to the décolleté area and hide undesirable moments related to hips or whole legs, forming the iconic body shape – sand clock. By the way, high-waisted jeans may be absolutely different and combine several other models as skinny and ripped.


Jeggings are even tighter than skinny fit, as their name goes from leggings that look like jeans. Clinging models have their benefits: they perfectly highlight body lines and help to reduce volume by gripping your legs tightly. Anyway, if you don’t like much pressure, then it’ll be better to avoid jeggings.

Maternity Jeans

Obviously, you should stop on this variant if you expect to have a baby soon. This model is meant to be comfortable and not overly clinging, so your abdominal area isn’t under pressure. Moreover, they include a special cloth “pocket” for your tummy. Don’t be afraid! It looks perfect under other clothes and can be regulated at any moment!


The best choice to highlight every line of your legs and hips, as skinny jeans are the most clinging model in this list. This type can add some feminity and tender to your image, increase sexuality and make you a beauty-bomb on every event!

Mom Fit

An iconic model of 80s-90s, which is no less popular nowadays. Many women used to wear high-waisted jeans with massive belts and tops tucked into jeans. For modern society, this is a style of their mothers. This is where the name goes from. Did your mom look the same?

Ripped Jeans

Do you remember being a teen and ripping your new jeans to make them look stylish? Fashion keeps everything in mind and provides us with all the favourite models. Do ripped jeans look hooligan-like for you? Then, just relax and let your secret temper to reveal! Try to look like a crazy girl instead of an office worker one day, and you will definitely like this!