One of the most popular beers at the moment is “Indian Beer” or India Pale Ale. Many craft breweries start their careers by making IPAs. In this article, together with the BrewDog website, we will try to figure out what kind of drink it is and why it is so popular. Let’s go!

The exact origin of the IPA is a story with many versions, and some of them are more like a myth. It is known that brewers in the UK at the end of the 19th century began to add more and more hops to their varieties in order to better preserve them during transportation across the ocean. For this reason, the stronger, bitter style of beer became especially popular among India’s colonial troops. It was named India Pale Ale. By the way, on the BrewDog website you can order craft beers for every taste. By the way, there are more than 24 types of them. Follow the pinned link!

In any case, the IPA became the most popular alcoholic drink in the British colonies for decades. It was supplied to the American, Indian and African possessions of the English Crown. Naturally, after a certain time, this variety began to be brewed locally. Particularly popular was its version, which was brewed in the Southern States of the United States. Where immigrants from Europe directly settled.

It seems only fitting, then, that more than a hundred years later, this particular variety was at the center of the growing “beer” revolution in the United States. In 1975, the Anchor Brewery in San Francisco began brewing Ale Liberty. Although not labeled as an IPA, it is considered by many to be the original American style. This was followed by a wave of other breweries producing their own versions of the Indian Ale.

Naturally, the British style has always been considered the reference. Therefore, emigrants from the British Isles cooked and cook in the classical manner. Of course, this also applies to a variety of stouts. In Irish neighborhoods, for example, pubs still prefer to make their own IPAs and a wide variety of stouts, from oatmeal to cream.

However, in its original form, the American IPA is a close brother of the classic Pale Ale. Generally, at the lighter end of the spectrum, they range from pale orange or golden to burnt ocher. The texture of an American IPA will be filtered and fairly crisp, though more brewers are leaving their creations hazy to capture fruity notes.

Stronger varieties such as the Double IPA are usually brewed in the UK. It is especially popular in Scotland and Northern England. They differ in that they warm very well in the cold season. Double IPA or, for example, Imperial Stouts are brewed in whiskey barrels. There are varieties that are mixed with wine or also infused in barrels from under it. This IPA variation is called Bern Wine.

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