One of the most striking and principled confrontations not only in Italy, but also in the world – the battle between Inter and Milan – originated at the beginning of the last century. The reason that two clubs appeared in Milan, which were destined to become world giants, was the decision of the Italian Football Federation in 1908 to ban clubs with foreign players from participating in the championship. As a result of the split in the leadership of Milan, Inter emerged. At the same time, both teams share a common “home” – the legendary San Siro, officially bearing the name of Giuseppe Meazza. By the way, if you are interested in the history of football, then publications on this topic can be ordered on the Gazzetta website. Follow the pinned link!

The first duel between fellow countrymen took place in October 1908 in Switzerland in the Chiasso Cup and had friendly status (the Rossoneri won 2:1). Since then, Milan and Inter have played 221 official matches between themselves, in which the Nerazzurri have a slight advantage: 78 wins against 76 with 67 draws, the goal difference is 299-297. More details about these confrontations can be found in the limited editions on this topic. They are sold in the Gazzetta online store.

In the Italian championships, the teams played 190 matches (70 wins for Inter, 58 draws and 62 wins for Milan), 24 matches in the Italian Cup (7 wins for the Nerazzurri, 10 for the Rossoneri, 7 draws), 1 match in the Italian Super Cup (victory for the Devils “), 4 meetings in the Cup / Champions League (2 wins for Milan and 2 draws). The teams also exchanged victories in tournaments that were held in Italy during the Second World War and are not recognized by the official football federation.

The highest-scoring Derby della Madonnina was the match on November 6, 1949, in which 11 goals were scored, and Inter beat Milan 6:5. The second most productive match also ended with the victory of the “kites” – 5:4. A detailed description of the history of all matches between Inter and Milan can be found in special editions on the Gazzetta website.

The biggest victory in the Milan derbies went to the Rossoneri: on May 11, 2001, Milan beat Inter away 6-0. On one occasion, the teams managed to win with a score of 5: 0: on February 6, 1910, Inter celebrated success, and on January 8, 1998, Milan.

The most productive player in the Milan derby is the former head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko, who defended the colors of Milan – 14 goals. Giuseppe Meazza is second on the Derby della Madonnina list with 12 goals for Inter and 1 for Milan. The third and fourth places are shared by goalscorers of Milan – Gunnar Nordahl and Inter – Istvan Nyersch. they scored 11 goals each. The history of the players of Inter and Milan – their contribution to the victories of the clubs – can be found in special publications. They can be ordered on the Gazzetta website.

As for the titles won by neighbors in the San Siro, Inter and Milan have won an equal number of Italian trophies: 18 Scudettos, 5 Cups and 7 Italian Supercups of Milan and 7 Cups and 5 Supercups of Inter. But in the international arena, the Rossoneri have much more success: 7 wins in the Cup / Champions League, 2 in the Cup Winners’ Cup, 5 UEFA Super Cups, 4 Intercontinental Cups and Club World Championships in Milan, 3 Cups / Champions League, 3 UEFA Cups / Europa League, 3 Intercontinental Cups and Inter Club World Championships. To learn more about Milan and Inter’s Eurocup, Intercontinental and European Super Cup victories, order the special edition on the Gazzetta website.

In recent years, the confrontation between the “serpents” and the “devils” has been in a bitter struggle: over the past two seasons, three fights ended in a draw, and one – a minimal victory for Inter.

In general, football in Italy is a religion! When the 1990 FIFA World Cup was held in Italy, the whole country died out on the day of the Squadra Azzurra game. Nobody worked. And one thing can be said with certainty – football is the whole of Italy, young and old. By the way, the history of football on the Apennine Peninsula can be found in a special edition. Order it in the Gazzetta online store!