Books are the most interesting thing that humanity could come up with! It is they who influence our world-view and form our internal culture. Moreover, it is always nice to talk with a person who has read approximately similar literature and discuss interesting points. How do you understand this or that act of the hero. What did the author mean when he wrote his work? Hidden meanings, analogies, allegories and metaphors. Books are useful in that they develop the imagination and mental activity of a person, preventing the brain from stagnation. Each read line is life-giving moisture for consciousness. It is she who gives the resources to the brain for the development and understanding of reality in the fullest possible way. But what can you read at the beginning of this 2022? Naturally, the bestsellers of the previous year!

So, Jen Sincero “You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”

Do you want to live like you have never lived? – start doing something you’ve never done before. The main formula for self-development, which can be reduced to “oriental wisdom” – You Are a Badass. This is exactly what Jen Sincero, the author of the cult bestseller, published in 28 countries and sold with a total circulation of 1,000,000 copies, is calling for. Her book is a real stun gun. It consists of the 25 most effective self-development techniques, each of which, having been tested by Jen Sincero on her own experience, gave a result. Add more salty authorial humour, reckless audacity, captivating self-irony, and you have the most powerful life-changing book in existence. If anything can make you reach your fullest potential, this is it – an incredible, bright, breakthrough book by Jen Sincero. Also published under the titles “Kill the Big Dormouse. How to silence your “inner bastard” and direct life to the best of scenarios” and “Be bold! How to stop doubting your own greatness and make life grandiose.”

This is a book – rebirth – that will make you reconsider the attitudes that we received in our childhood from our parents (they are also people) and from society. The main problem of a person is that he has a conflict of programs of the type: “you must earn a lot of money!” – but then – “rich people are stupid and corrupt! Better to be honest and not rich!” The problem is that poor people do not understand how to earn a lot without resorting to theft. They do not have a program of self-identification in a completely different paradigm from their world. Therefore, Jen Sincero brings up a very important topic that worries everyone and everyone: what should I do to change my life? The answer is simple: change your state and the world will adapt to you!

Lisa Ko “The Restless”

One morning, Demin’s mother Polly, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, goes to work at a nail salon and never comes back. Demin is lost and does not understand how his mother could leave him. Eventually taken in by a pair of well-meaning white professors, Demin moves from the Bronx to a small town up north and is now called Daniel. But he can’t leave his roots behind and continues to wonder who he really is. A novel about growing up, wandering around the world, where everyone is left to himself, about friendship, trust and the need to be loved. Lisa Ko talks about what people leave in the past, and about those who leave: the mother leaves the family, people leave the old life, move from place to place in search of a home where they want to stay. The portrait of Polly in the book is original and unlike anything else. Told from two points of view – a son and a mother – this is the story of not only the development of a teenager, but also an imperfect parent who plays a decisive role in the fate of the child.

This novel is a search for oneself, one’s destiny and self-awareness. There are no right and wrong, no villains and heroes. There is only a given and life, which has many shades. Everyone has their own reality, but it still needs to be found.