We all love a good outdoor recreation. Especially if we are not dependent on external circumstances. And if you can organize a barbecue on the territory of your house – doubly nice. Or in the summer, go out to your patio and enjoy hot coffee or tea at a comfortable table. Light a fire in the brazier in the evening. Think about something. Moments of solitude are some of the most precious in a person’s life. Therefore, it is very important that garden furniture is as comfortable as possible and nothing distracts. Many people find inspiration in the outdoors. In other words, quality garden furniture can be multifunctional. But what types are there in the Homebase online store? Let’s see together!

Country interior items include:

  • tables;
  • chairs;
  • Garden swing;
  • sun loungers;
  • hammocks;
  • sofas;
  • armchairs;
  • rocking chairs;
  • benches;
  • couches.

Based on the design features, Homebase highlights:

Stationary furniture. This category includes garden furniture. They are intended for constant use in the same place. Stationary furniture is mounted directly on the garden plot. It is heavy and characterized by resistance to environmental influences. Usually, it is made of wood or metal.

Portable furniture. The main feature is small dimensions and weight. They allow you to effortlessly change the place of deployment. Tables, couches and other mobile garden furniture are usually equipped with casters or wheels for ease of transportation. Mobile pieces of furniture often have a folding design. They can be taken out to the terrace and spend the evening in the company of a cozy blanket and a fascinating book. They are made of lightweight materials such as plastic, aluminum alloys, etc.

Wooden garden furniture from Homebase

For the manufacture of outdoor interior items, high-quality solid wood of dense species is used: teak, pine, beech, larch and acacia. To minimize the effects of the external environment during the production process, the products are treated with special antiseptic agents. These are varnishes, wax impregnations – oil-wax, – special paints and compositions. The service life reaches 15 years. At the same time, constant care and monitoring of the surface condition is required.

Plastic garden furniture from Homebase

Plastic tables and chairs are budget furniture items for arranging a recreation area in a personal plot. They may be:

  • whole;
  • folding;
  • collapsible.

The design of the folding model provides for the presence of a hinge on each leg. Thanks to this, the table and chair can be quickly folded or unfolded. Folding plastic models are compact in size. They are intended for small groups of people. The difference between folding tables and chairs is that tables and chairs do not add up. They are disassembled into individual component parts. Homebase notes that this option is more suitable for going out into the countryside. Overnight with tents, fishing or hiking.

Metal garden furniture from Homebase

For the production of this garden furniture, metal is used:

  • cast iron;
  • steel;
  • aluminum.

Surfaces are treated with protective anti-corrosion agents. The service life reaches 25 years. This is also a static type of furniture. It is usually combined with toughened fire-resistant glass. It does not crack from temperature changes and is resistant to mechanical damage. Also, metal is combined with natural stone and wood. But this type of furniture is usually installed on the veranda. Metal chairs are upholstered with protective soft fabrics. They need to be changed periodically as they tend to wear out. This is a very expensive type of garden furniture, but it is the most durable and wear-resistant.

Rattan garden furniture from Homebase

Rattan is a plant of the palm family, the length of the rattan vine reaches 250 meters. The thickness of the stem is up to 7 centimeters. Artificial rattan – a synthetic fiber made in the form of a plastic tape.

Wicker rattan furniture is characterized by high strength and long service life. Moreover, it is very light and can be carried around the house.

Stone garden furniture

Headsets made of stone are monumental. They are heavy, but unpretentious in care. For the manufacture of stone garden furniture, mainly granite is used. The service life is practically unlimited. It goes well with large-leaved plants in massive pots.