Once upon a time, the rules for the “use” of jewelry were simple, understandable, and concise: do not mix metals of different colors and other materials, do not overuse accents, do not overload images. But when the cheerful boho style burst into our lives with its inherent disdain for conventions, the approach to the formation of bows changed dramatically. Now you can wear jewelry not only as part of daytime outfits, but also in the evening, without hiding its “ignoble” origin. The most unexpected combinations of jewelry, experiments with materials, length, design have entered the trend—in a word, complete freedom of action. However, some rules for creating stylish bows have remained unchanged. Girls with impeccable taste follow them unconsciously, almost on an instinctive level. But only a few can boast of a sense of style imbibed with mother’s milk. And the rest will not hurt to listen to the recommendations of experienced stylists. However, great jewelry can be ordered at Claire’s online store.

How To Choose Jewelry For Clothes By Style

We start with the wardrobe and figure out how to choose the right jewelry for clothes. It was once believed that accessories and jewelry should be worn in such a way that they complement the clothes, and nothing else. Now everything has changed: jewelry can act as an accent, and clothes are relegated to the background. For example, if you put on a plastron necklace or complex beads, the clothes will “hide” behind them. Great jewelry can be ordered in the online store Claire’s

Evening Classic

Do you think that it is appropriate to wear jewelry only during the day, and in the evening it is better to give preference to jewelry? This is partly true: the principle “the later—the more expensive” still works. However, even celebrities prefer to wear jewelry, which is a copy of their jewelry worth tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. And an expensive piece of jewelry at this time lies quietly in a bank cell, without attracting greedy glances. So if we are talking about a responsible event (a party, a theatrical premiere, a pretentious presentation), feel free to complement the image with jewelry. Overall, no one has yet canceled the brilliant solution in terms of simplicity and effect in the form of a combination of a little black dress and a string of pearls! If you are going to an informal event, you can emphasize your individuality and give preference to original jewelry. For example, you can wear beaded jewelry, an asymmetrical necklace, a monisto or a large mono-earring—admiring glances are guaranteed! Great jewelry can be ordered in the online store Claire’s

Office Bows

Office bows are rightfully considered the most conservative. The usual set of an office lady is a basic chain (possible with an elegant pendant), a wedding ring and minimalist earrings. But if you choose the right jewelry and costume jewelry for a laconic office outfit, you can go a little beyond boring dogmas. For example, the lapel of a jacket can be decorated with a pin with not giant pendants. And put on an elegant watch on your hand. On the finger—a ring with a Baroque pearl. By the way, the base chain can be replaced with an invisible necklace with a miniature pearl. In the collar of an unbuttoned blouse, such an ornament looks modest and sexy at the same time! Great jewelry can be ordered in the online store Claire’s

Sporty Style

If you select an accentuated sporty style, it is better to refuse jewelry. Or at least keep them to a minimum. A sports bow is a maximum of a stud in the ears and a thin chain around the neck. Even an engagement ring (especially with a complex design) looks dissonant here. Great jewelry can be ordered in the online store Claire’s

Quality jewelry is not just a tribute to fashion, but also a great decoration. It goes well with everything. And well and tastefully selected—does not leave anyone indifferent. Order jewelry in the Claire’s online store and make the most memorable images!