Benefits Of Proper Protein Intake

Protein, or protein, is one of the main nutrients in bodybuilding. It is on him that the lion’s share of visible sports results depends. Moreover, protein can enter the body of an athlete both from natural products and from sports nutrition (protein shakes, bars, amino acids). There is no single correct recipe for protein intake. But it is essential to take it correctly, considering your tasks and goals in sports. And since these tasks change periodically (first, mass gain, then work on the relief and / or drying of the body), it is worth knowing how to take the protein correctly in each of these cases. And you can order optimal sports nutrition in the Body & Fit online store.

What Protein To Take? When To Take Protein?

Proteins in sports nutrition differ in the origin of raw materials and, accordingly, in composition. The components of the protein mixture determine the rate of protein digestion and the features of its breakdown into amino acids. It makes no sense to take a slow protein instead of a fast one. Casein instead of whey isolate, and vice versa. You can experiment and come up with your own, new regimens for complex, fast and / or slow protein intake, but most likely only waste your time and money. Instead, it is better to take protein according to the rules:

1. Fast protein, as you might guess, is quickly absorbed by the digestive system, which is indispensable for muscle growth. There are three types of fast protein: whey concentrate, isolate and whey hydrolyzate. During the period of building muscle mass, whey protein is taken in the morning on an empty stomach and immediately after the end of a workout to prevent catabolism. Any type of protein can be purchased at the Body & Fit online store.

2. Slow protein in most cases is casein protein, as well as soy protein and other plant proteins. Slow protein types are absorbed gradually, thereby helping to maintain muscle tissue during rest. Therefore, it is better to take a slow protein in the evening before bedtime, as well as in situations where the next meal will not be soon. Any type of protein can be purchased at the Body & Fit online store.

3. Complex protein is a mixture of different types of protein combined for an optimal ratio of amino acids in the composition of a sports supplement. You can take this type of protein with any training program, if you do not specifically need a fast or slow protein. Any type of protein can be purchased at the Body & Fit online store.

How To Prepare A Protein Shake?

Preparing a protein shake is not difficult, but there are certain subtleties that must be considered in order not to be disappointed with the result. The exact dosage of powder and liquid for a protein shake is calculated based on the height, weight, goals, and other individual characteristics of the athlete. But on average, as a rule, when gaining mass for muscle growth, the protein is taken in full portions. It is dissolved in milk or fruit juice. During the drying of the body to burn fat, the portion is reduced, and the protein is taken in a volume of about 0.5 of the recommended measure.

Do not take protein in place of all other protein foods in your diet. For the health and normal functioning of the digestive tract, sports nutrition can be no more than half the protein in the diet. The second half must be obtained from natural food. This rule applies to all sports diets and allows you to take protein safely and effectively. Any type of protein can be purchased at the Body & Fit online store.