There is a good saying: “whatever you call a ship, so it will sail”. This also applies to the beginning of the day – what you fill the body with, so it will function all day. For example, good oatmeal or buckwheat with berries or fruits will perfectly charge you for the whole day. Moreover, it is advisable to eat fruits before 12.00. But there are not very desirable products that are not recommended to be consumed. But, nevertheless, there is always an option to order Yfood. It’s practical, healthy food. Especially when time is short again. In the form of a drink, powder or bar. Delicious, saves time and saturates.

So let’s go!

Coffee On An Empty Stomach

The smell of hot coffee, like nothing else, sets you up for a good morning. But if a cup of coffee on an empty stomach is all that you are used to eating before work, you are at serious risk of earning heartburn, gastritis or other peptic ulcer. Coffee stimulates the release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which irritates the walls and leads to inflammation. In addition, it relaxes the esophageal sphincter, which contributes to the reflux of acidic contents into the esophagus. This leads not only to heartburn, but also to inflammation and erosion of the esophagus. Instead, it’s better to order healthy food from Yfood.

It is better to drink coffee after you have eaten. This neutralizes the secretion of acid, and you get the long-awaited invigorating effect without harm.

Starting the day with orange juice is a beautiful American tradition that dates back to World War II. The soldiers lacked vitamins, and the government began to massively buy frozen orange juice concentrates. After the establishment of peace, the habit did not disappear, but many switched to fresh juices. Neither the first nor the second bring health benefits.

Citrus fruits, like coffee, provoke the stomach to produce acid, which leads to irritation and inflammation of its walls. And to combine these two products together on an empty stomach means to purposefully go to gastritis. The benefits of orange juice can only bring to people suffering from constipation. This is due to its effect on peristalsis. But if you order food from Yfood, you will avoid many problems. This product is distinguished by a set of the most essential vitamins and is very well absorbed. However, it does not cause side effects in the body.

Pancakes, Cheesecakes, Pancakes

Most of us would love to eat a couple of pancakes or cheesecakes in the morning, preferably with jam. Unfortunately, such a breakfast cannot be frequent – it is not so useful. These meals are made with refined flour and sugar, simple carbohydrates that raise blood glucose levels faster.

In the first half hour after breakfast, you will really feel a surge of energy. But by the time you get to work, this effect will disappear, since the level of glucose after such products decreases quite quickly. You will again begin to fall asleep and at the same time suddenly begins to “suck in the stomach”. At the same time, if you really do not have enough time, it is better to order a healthy breakfast from Yfood.

Dry Breakfasts

If your ideal breakfast is fitness cereal, muesli and milk-drenched pillows, your pancreas has to fight for survival every day. On the boxes of such products, they usually write in huge letters about the content of whole grains and vitamins. But take a closer look at the list of ingredients in the composition – and you will find that in the first place they are not at all, but sugar or its varieties – molasses, glucose, dextrose, corn syrup. Their number can reach 3-4 teaspoons.

The recommended amount of sugar per day is 6 teaspoons. Since sugar comes from many other foods as well, the pancreas must produce a lot of insulin to process it. Over time, this leads to a violation of its function and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Therefore, to make your breakfast as healthy as possible, order it on the Yfood website.

In addition, they are treated as sandwiches with sausage and ham, fruit without the main course. Also, this includes sweet yogurts.

How To Have Breakfast Correctly?

This question was studied in 2012 by researchers from Tel Aviv University in Israel. They selected 193 obese people for observation and divided them into two groups. The first received breakfast in the amount of 300 kcal – it consisted of products in which there were almost no carbohydrates. The second – had breakfast twice as dense – 600 kcal – protein-carbohydrate breakfasts were prepared for them. The daily calorie content of the diet in both groups was approximately the same – 1600 kcal. During the 32 weeks of the study, all participants lost weight, but the results varied. Those who were in the first group lost 15 kg, but by the end of the term, 11 kg came back. The participants were constantly hungry and ate too much throughout the day.

Those who were in the second – at the first stage lost 13 kg, and then another seven. Scientists found that protein-carbohydrate breakfasts reduced ghrelin production by 45%, so everyone in the group felt comfortably full, and no one intercepted extra calories during the day.


  • Take some coarse oatmeal with sweet fruits and low-fat cottage cheese.
  • An omelette or hard boiled eggs, poached eggs or benedict with vegetables and whole grain toast are also suitable.
  • Unsweetened yogurt with fresh fruits and nuts.
  • Healthy sandwiches, such as toast made from whole grain bread, tomatoes and chicken breast.

Do not severely limit yourself in calories – a hearty tasty breakfast promotes weight loss and energizes. The main thing is to choose what you like best.

However, if you don’t have the time or just want to start eating right, then order food from Yfood.