Active users of a mobile connection often notice a drop in speed or a complete stop in data transfer. This may be affected by some iOS settings, carrier settings, or restrictions on the selected data plan.

Now we will tell you how you can fix the situation and speed up the mobile Internet on the iPhone. By the way, the most favorable tariff can be issued on the Id Mobile website.

1. Reconnect to the network

The first thing to do with a slow connection speed is to disconnect from the network and reconnect the mobile Internet.

The easiest way to do this is to temporarily activate Airplane Mode on your smartphone. Enable the option from Control Center or smartphone settings.

After a few seconds, turn off the mode and wait for the connection to be restored.

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2. Force Switch To Fast Network

Sometimes the system automatically activates a slower 3G connection in places where LTE reception is poor. If this happened on your gadget, we recommend that you manually switch to a faster data transfer type.

To do this, go to Settings – Cellular – Cellular data network and activate the fastest connection mode.

3. Disable Used VPN Service

A secure connection greatly affects the connection speed. Especially if you use a free VPN service.

Disabling this option will immediately have a positive effect on the speed of the mobile Internet.

To do this, disable the secure connection through the application you are using or from the iOS settings.

4. Check Your Tariff Terms

Sometimes operators offer the maximum connection speed with a traffic download limit. After spending a certain daily or monthly limit, the speed can be significantly limited.

You should carefully study the conditions of your tariff or clarify this point in the operator’s support service. Pay special attention to:

▣ The ability to distribute the Internet from a smartphone. Sometimes operators will block this feature, demand an additional fee for it, or reduce the speed when a distribution is detected.

▣ Restrictions on p2p traffic. When a direct data transfer is detected between end users, many operators block the connection or limit the speed. This is a sure sign of downloading torrents.

▣ VPN support. In some tariffs, with a tunnel connection, the Internet speed may be limited.

▣ Availability of restrictions for applications and services. Many tariffs have a so-called shape, when the data transfer rate for programs and services can be limited.

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5. Quit Unnecessary Background Apps

Sometimes traffic can be consumed by other applications in the background. They are updating data, downloading new content, or simply actively using the Internet connection.

Such programs will limit the speed of the desired application. Just end them from the multitasking bar.

Double-tap the Home button on an iPhone with Touch ID, or swipe up from the bottom of the screen on an iPhone with Face ID. Remove from the menu cards of recent programs that can download data from the network.

6. Disable Data Saver Mode

A useful option that helps save network traffic can interfere with reaching the maximum connection speed.

Located: Settings menu – Cellular – Data saving.

7. Temporarily Disable Hotspot Mode

It is possible that the connection speed is negatively affected by other devices that are connected to your smartphone to receive the Internet.

Gadgets with your Apple ID or family sharing devices can connect to your smartphone in hotspot mode automatically.

You can temporarily disable this mode completely in the Settings – Modem mode menu.

8. Disable Automatic Download of Updates

Speed ​​may drop due to background app downloads or content updates. Both options can be disabled on a mobile connection.

Go to Settings – App Store and turn off the option Automatic downloads for cellular data, and in the section Settings – General – Update content, allow data transfer only over Wi-Fi.

9. Check Internet Speed ​​in Other Apps

If you don’t have enough connection speed, for example, to watch YouTube or streaming services, it may be due to the limitations of the operator.

This so-called shape, when the system limits the speed when it detects data transfer through certain sites or applications, is often found on tariffs with a large amount of available traffic.

It is enough to check the connection speed through other applications, carefully study the detailed conditions of your tariff or read the thematic forum.

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10. Reset Network Settings

Perhaps it’s all about the accumulated cache and system garbage. You can remove it by resetting the network settings.

After that, you will have to reconfigure the mobile connection and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network you are using. This is done in the menu Settings – General – Transfer or reset iPhone.

After all the manipulations done, the speed of the mobile connection to the network should increase significantly.

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