Often, people who are fond of sports and have recently suffered an illness, strive to return to the gym as soon as possible to their favorite pastime. They are no longer bothered by cough, fever and stuffy nose, they feel better and do not want to put off training for a long time. However, the process of returning to the gym after a cold is a little different from standard training.

Consider the issue of returning to the gym after recovery. At the same time, do not forget that during this period it is necessary to support the body with supplements and vitamins. They can be ordered on the Fitmart website.

Small Loads

The first step to go through before returning to the gym again is a consultation with your doctor. However, provided that the patient did not use the services of doctors, he will have to focus on his own well-being.

In the event that a person does not have any symptoms of the disease, he can safely return to the training process. However, you should not immediately return to the level of exercise that was used before the disease. Experts strongly recommend starting the process of returning to training at a lower intensity level.

This is due to the fact that the common cold or, as it is also called, ARVI, despite the fact that it is a relatively non-dangerous disease and the healing process with it is only 5 days, can cause significant harm to the body. With this disease, the patient can go to work, walk in the parks and do other things, but in no case do not play sports.

The difference in the recovery period after a cold is that during exercise a person needs to pay attention to factors such as breathing and heart rate. After suffering from ARVI, it is recommended to reduce the level of cardio loads.

In order to restore the strength of the body, experts recommend giving preference to basic or, as they are also called, multi-joint exercises. These exercises allow you to increase the level of metabolism and quickly get back in shape, even when working with small weights.

However, do not worry about lower weights, as their use is temporary. Soon the body will begin to recover and the previous working weights will return again. And in order for him to recover faster, buy sports supplements and vitamins in the Fitmart online store.

Vitamins And Amino Acids

However, in order for the recovery process to go much faster, experts recommend supplementing with vitamins and amino acids.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our body. It makes up approximately 2/3 of the total amino acids in the human body. This element performs a considerable number of functions, among which:

  • transportation of nitrogen to internal organs;
  • promoting the synthesis of nucleotides;
  • strengthening the immune system.

Glutamine can be synthesized by the human body. However, its synthesis by the body is hampered during illness or heavy stress. Therefore, its use must be included in the diet for a speedy recovery, not only after hard training, but also after illness. All the necessary vitamins and amino acids can be purchased at the Fitmart online store.

Also, in order to prevent disease or to strengthen immunity after illness, experts recommend using the following vitamins:

  • vitamin B helps to strengthen the immune system during stress, trauma, and after surgery, which allows you to quickly restore muscle tone;
  • to prevent colds, it is recommended to use multivitamins containing vitamins of groups A, C, D, E;
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to the body’s production of nucleic acids necessary to increase the volume of cells, as well as for the synthesis of antibodies that fight infections.
  • Ascorbic acid, which is also known to many as vitamin C, increases the activity level of macrophages used by the human body to fight viruses.
  • Vitamin E, consumed by a person in food, can increase the body’s resistance to diseases, and can be used by people of absolutely all age categories.

It is much easier and more profitable to prevent the disease!, therefore, experts recommend maintaining the level of amino acids and vitamins at the required level throughout life, and not only during the period of the disease or after it. All the necessary sports supplements can be ordered on the Fitmart website.