It’s no secret that people strive to be taller, faster, and stronger than others. But with age, irreversible processes occur that do not contribute to rapid recovery after overload. But at the same time, training should not be abandoned. This is fraught with hormonal disorders, rapid weight gain and deterioration in overall health. This results in psycho-emotional disorders associated with a lack of testosterone production and an increase in the proportion of cortisol, the stress hormone. Naturally, to make up for the lack of dopamine and endorphin, former athletes switch to cigarettes and alcohol. This happens exactly when a person ceases to be actively engaged. This is especially true after the birth of children. In the body of a man, as well as in a woman, prolactin is produced. It suppresses the production of testosterone. This is necessary in order for the father to develop a tolerant attitude towards the child. It is at this point that bad habits are formed. But how to overcome this period and continue to exercise, while maintaining shape? ESN will tell you about it today. Go!

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Training should not be too long—a maximum of 1.5 hours. Moreover, you need to be very sensitive to your well-being. Workouts should be at the same time. After 35 years, drugs are needed that support the condition of tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. In this case, type 2 collagen will be indispensable. It is made from the veins, hooves, and horns of cattle. This is an irreplaceable thing, since it is collagen that ceases to be enough from the age of 25. And he just gets wasted. To this, be sure to add the intake of calcium and vitamin D3 and K2. The first strengthens bones, and the second and third are a conductor and solvent of fats. Naturally, everything you require can be ordered in the ESN online store. Of course, the consumption of necessary drugs should be clearly regulated. For example, after breakfast.

Specific Drugs

This item includes specific additives. For example: L-carnitine is an amino acid that forms the mitochondria. She, in turn, feeds the cell directly with fatty acids, creating an energy reserve from burning subcutaneous and visceral fat. This frees up training potential without losing or wasting muscle mass. Moreover, it cleanses the walls of the heart muscle from bad cholesterol. This allows you to normalize the pressure and exercise without discomfort. The next supplement is BCAA—it’s valine, leucine, isoleucine. These are amino acids. Their features are such factors:

BCAAs are proteinogenic, that is, they are the main building material for protein biosynthesis;

for humans, BCAAs are indispensable, the body cannot synthesize them from simpler substances;

It has been proven that branched chain amino acids are absorbed into the gastrointestinal tract and enter the blood faster than short, unbranched ones. This means that the synthesis of proteins with their participation is accelerated;

the main part of the enzymes that oxidize BCAAs is produced in muscle tissue.

This greatly facilitates the recovery of muscle tissue after physical exertion. Of course, their consumption should be somewhat greater than, for example, for people under 35 years old. BCAAs can be ordered from the ESN online store.

We must not forget about collagen types 1-3. They support the muscular corset and skin condition. But in no case should they be taken with type 2. It is better to make breakdowns—one month type 2, and the next—type 1-3.

Training Intensity

Training should be strictly metered. You don’t need to overwork your body. Naturally, you can’t do without overload, but they should be no more than 2 per month. After them, the human body, which takes a long time to recover for 35. Naturally, if you are taking certain drugs that can be ordered from ESN, then everything will be faster. But not quite the way it used to be. A significant detail: it is critical to maintain joint mobility and the functionality of the cardiovascular system. A fulfilling life depends on them. To avoid various diseases associated with the brain, you need to consume fish oil and lead an active lifestyle. Then there will be energy to learn something new and pump skills. However, drugs that support functionality and restore the body can be bought at the ESN online store.

Unfortunately, over time, the aging of the body is inevitable, so it is imperative to support it. And without proper care, it will not be as productive. Of course, if a person does not set tasks for himself, then our brain ceases to maintain proper functionality. But if you want to be young and healthy as long as possible, you need to play sports. And all the drugs necessary for maintenance can be ordered from ESN.