The dog is a devoted friend and protector of the home. For it to be healthy and live a long and happy life, you need to feed your dog properly!

In the article, we will consider the main types of dog nutrition, the features, advantages and disadvantages of each of them, what feeding systems exist, and list useful and prohibited foods for a pet. Kiwoko online store offers the best and most balanced pet food.

How To Feed A Dog At Home: Basic Rules

Any dog ​​- thoroughbred or ordinary street mongrel – needs good nutrition. The body of these animals is different from the body of people, therefore it is unacceptable to feed a pet with everything that people eat. There are a number of foods that are familiar to humans, but which can cause serious digestive problems in dogs. Therefore, it is very important to decide on the choice of the right food for a particular breed and dog in particular. Since different species have their own contraindications, veterinarians recommend different approaches. In any case, food for various types of dogs can be purchased at the Kiwoko online store.

Basic Rules For Feeding Dogs:

1. Do not give food from the table. A person consumes food with various spices and other ingredients that can be especially harmful to the body of dogs.

2. You can not overfeed the animal. The norm of a daily diet is calculated taking into account the age of the dog and its breed.

3. The number of feedings – 3-4 times a day for puppies and 2 times a day for adult dogs. During pregnancy, lactation and illness, the dog can be fed 3-4 times a day.

4. In the daily diet of an animal, there must be trace elements useful for its body. 50% of the diet is meat and protein foods, about 20-30% is given to cereals, about 20% – dairy products and no more than 10% – vegetables and fruits.

5. It is better to feed the dog at the same time according to the schedule, for example, 1.5-2 hours before the walk or an hour after the walk.

6. Experts do not advise feeding the dog during the day. Supplementary feeding is relevant only during physical training.

7. After feeding the dog, uneaten food should not be left in the bowl. The container should be cleaned of food debris and washed.

8. If several dogs live in the house, each of them must be provided with a separate bowl for food and water.

9. There should always be clean drinking water available to the pet at all times.

10. Food should be distributed according to the weight of the dogs. For example, a dog weighs 45.5 kilograms, so you need to give 450 to 515 grams of food. Above this weight – add 50 grams for every 5 kilograms. With a high activity of the dog, we add 100 grams to the total amount of food. For example: weight – 60 kilograms; the amount of feed is 615-620 grams. All the necessary food can be bought at the Kiwoko online store.

Choosing Food For Your Dog

With the advent of a dog in the house, it is advisable to immediately decide on the optimal type of nutrition – natural food or ready-made industrial food. it can be purchased from the Kiwoko online store.

Do not rush to make a hasty choice. This issue should be approached with all responsibility, taking into account the breed of the dog and personal comfort. For example, for people who work from morning until late at night, the best choice is to feed with ready-made feed. This eliminates the need to prepare special food for the dog.

It should also be borne in mind that high-quality dog ​​food is not cheap. However, it is better to buy expensive, but high-quality products. This can be done on the Kiwoko website. But you will also have to spend money on the purchase of good food products necessary for compiling a full-fledged daily diet.

Feeding Dogs Prepared Food

Ready-made industrial food is a convenient product for pets. It does not require cooking and calculations of the constituent components.

There are two types of ready-made dog food – dry in granules and wet in cans with various flavors. They can be ordered from the Kiwoko online store. If dry food is chosen for feeding a pet, it is very important that the animal always has access to the water necessary for the absorption of granular food.

The range of products for animals includes a large selection of dog food from different manufacturers. All of them are divided into several categories: economy, premium, super-premium. Experts do not recommend buying cheap pet food that has a poor-quality or unbalanced composition, as well as all kinds of additives and flavor enhancers that are unsafe for the animal’s body. Such savings will lead to even greater costs for the treatment of a four-legged friend. Therefore, order the best dog food from Kiwoko.