A baby shower is a marvellous day all the relatives and friends are waiting for! But the one, who is preparing the most, is of course, the future mother. She wants everything to be ideal and flawless, so women try to plan everything to miserable nuances. The location, food, drinks, presents and the look. Don’t you know what to wear for such an occasion? Read our article till the end to get maximum inspiration and thousands of insights!

Comfort Is a Strict Rule!

Once you got one more heart to be responsible for, start to care about yourself even more thoroughly. Of course, it’s important to look impressive, but it’s even more important to stay healthy and ensure maximum comfort to both – yours and baby’s bodies. Fortunately, nowadays, we have all the opportunities to choose from a wide selection of trendy clothes for future moms. Designers tried to create suits and dresses even more attractive than our casual clothes. So, seeing such a beauty once may cause strong desire to have a baby! While choosing your ideal look for this significant occasion, follow these simple rules:

  • only eco-materials,
  • no pressure on the abdominal area,
  • soft and delicate fibres.

What is appropriate enough? Jumpsuits, long clinging dresses (not overly tight!!!) are perfect, but don’t forget to pay attention to nice baby-doll dresses and the cape ones. Ruched off the shoulder clothes are a trend of these years too. Don’t skip them – it looks cool. Proven!

Moreover, you should be prepared for some negative moments of pregnancy like oedema, fast weight growth and so on. You should be maximum comfortable this day, so it doesn’t really matter what others will think.

Ideas On What to Wear

A baby shower is an indispensable part of every pregnancy, so young moms prepare for it in advance. By the way, this is a gorgeous opportunity to take hundreds of unusual family photos, so ask your photographer whether he/she has any creative ideas! Maybe, your look will depend on the photographer’s plans or vice versa.

If we talk about what’s popular for such an X-day, then just pay attention to nude and pastel colours. They will highlight your femininity and inner state – love, tender and fragility. Perhaps, you would like to look more like a stereotype-breaker? Then, you can choose bright colours and unusual forms: leather coats, contrast stripes and so on.

Our advice: be yourself and don’t try to express anything. People around wish you all the best and accept the way you want to look this day. Just relax and have fun – it’s all for you, girl!