Choosing a good inexpensive wine is not an easy task. Not every store has a specialist who can give useful advice. Some buyers take the easy route – they choose a product that costs more. However, price is not always the key. Even expensive wine can bring disappointment. How to understand a large assortment of wines in a store, what you should pay attention to in order to buy good wine. What myths about this drink exist further in the article from Fortnum & Mason.

To become a wine expert and distinguish good wines from bad ones, you will need to study more than one source, undergo sommelier training. But there are some publicly available tips and tricks that will help even buyers with no experience choose a delicious wine for a feast. By the way, excellent wine can be ordered in the Fortnum & Mason online store.

Grape Varieties

The wine label must contain information about the grape variety that is the basis of the drink. If the manufacturer limited himself to general phrases, such as: “the best varieties of white grapes”, it is better to postpone such a bottle. An exception may be some wines from countries where product quality is regulated not by variety, but by region. Then, instead of the grape variety, the region of its origin is indicated. Excellent wine can be found in the Fortnum & Mason online store.

It is difficult to say which white – dry or semi-sweet wine is better – each variety has unique taste qualities. Only after trying and comparing different varieties, you can choose your favorite drink. The best wines of the world, which are most often in demand:

  • Chardonnay;
  • Riesling;
  • Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Aligote;
  • Verdelho.

Among red wines there are also many popular varieties among buyers:

  • Shiraz;
  • Merlot;
  • Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • Pinot Noir.

Supermarkets and specialized wine shops offer a large selection of wines from different varieties and producers. But it is best to focus on trusted suppliers. For example, Fortnum & Mason online store. Here we can definitely vouch for the quality of wines of different varieties!

Cork Is One Of The Indicators

A good red or white wine must be sealed with a sawdust cork. This is the so-called “cork stopper”. Not many people know that this type of packaging is not a cheap pleasure. Therefore, vintage wines are often sealed with such a cork. If this wine is good, then the manufacturer’s logo should be embossed on the cork.

Ordinary wines do not need wooden corks. They can be closed with a plastic or screw cap. They are also very good. Especially if they are from Spain.

It should be noted that most often the Old World manufacturers close their products with a cork stopper. In other countries, they have almost completely abandoned this tradition.

Excellent wines can be found in the Fortnum & Mason online store.

Semi-sweet or dry: which one to choose

There is no unequivocal advice here – everyone chooses an alcoholic drink to their liking. But if you are not well versed in wines, then it is best to discover the world of this drink with dry wines. A good white wine with a low sugar content has a pronounced taste and goes well with different dishes. Especially seafood. Dry white wines can be purchased at the Fortnum & Mason online store.

With semi-sweet wines, things are different: often for the manufacture of inexpensive wine, producers use the most affordable grapes. The sugar contained in the composition hides the bouquet and taste flaws. Such wines often contain a large amount of preservatives, flavor enhancers. This does not affect their quality in the best way. But this does not mean that sweet or semi-sweet wines are bad. If, for example, we take vermouth, then this is a dessert wine infused with herbs. It is made from white grapes with the addition of alcohol. Sugar in the classic version is not more than 15%.

There are Hungarian fortified wines made from special grape varieties. They are also of high quality workmanship.

In general, if you understand in more detail: the best wines are from where the grapes grow on the rocks. Or sandy soil. Therefore, Italian wines from regions close to the Alps are so good. Connoisseurs and lovers have always respected Georgian varieties of dry wine. Khvanchkara is especially famous.

You can talk and argue about this drink for a long time and tirelessly. But, best of all, go to the Fortnum & Mason online store and choose for yourself!