We all someday become parents, and it becomes important for us to properly educate the younger generation. Travel is one of the key stages in the formation of a children’s reality map. But you need to do this consistently and correctly so that the trip does not become a traumatic factor, and the child himself does not feel abandoned. It must be remembered that now we do not manage all our time – we need to devote most of it to the younger generation. Then the question arises: how to make the trip comfortable for everyone – both for parents and children? The answer is simple: to engage them in the study of the terrain, flora, fauna and, directly, geography. You can make a route in such a way as to visit the most picturesque places, visit sights or iconic buildings of certain historical eras.

Any Ideas How To Implement This?

To do this, you need to interest your child. For example, stock up on colouring pages of animals that live in the country or place where you are going. You can buy books with descriptions and colouring books at the same time. This is necessary so that your son or daughter can already navigate the names of animals, distinguish them by their habits and appearance. You can buy puzzles and collect them with your children in your free time. It will be more interesting for them and, at the same time, you will tell what this or that animal is like. Thus, you will not only prepare your child for the trip, but also learn a lot of useful information yourself, which will allow you to gain authority in the eyes of your son or daughter.

Do not neglect other types of educational colouring books, puzzles and games. For example, if you are going to Egypt, you should prepare themed games for this country. Paint or assemble the pyramid of Cheops. At the same time, tell what iconic pharaohs ruled in Egypt, what they did. What were their accomplishments? What was the Nile Valley famous for, what animals were considered sacred. You can buy colouring pages with gods and goddesses, while retelling the legends about them. Thus, when you go to this country, you can not only enjoy the rest yourself, but also interest your child. In the future, this will save you a lot of time for learning history, zoology and geography.

Also, you can buy a globe and explore different countries, capitals of countries and continents where they are located with your son or daughter. It may seem like a very long and tedious process, but after a while you will thank yourself. It is by personal example that we bring up children, and not by verbal instructions.