Intimacy between people who love each other is like a wavy graph – up and down. To establish mutual understanding and psychological intimacy, you need to talk more and listen to each other. This will naturally help to liberate both psychologically and sexually. You need to understand and accept your partner. Taboo in family life (this includes civil marriage), where people come into contact at the level of intimate contact, turns into a relic, and cool gadgets can be used to add new emotions. Listen to yourself and don’t be afraid to talk about your desires to your partner!

The first thing you need to pay close attention to is the situation inside your house or flat. When people live together for a very long time, they have three main places to spend their time. It is very important here not to invade the partner’s personal zone.

The work area, which has become especially relevant during the pandemic. Here a state of composure and extreme concentration is formed, which does not contribute to intimacy.

The kitchen is where the family spends a lot of time during breakfast, lunch breaks or dinner.

A zone of personal space, as people sometimes need to be alone with themselves.

A recreation area where people spend time together. This is, for example, a bedroom.

How To Understand That Something Needs To Be Changed?

Everything is very simple, you need to track the main stages of the proximity of people in an intimate way.

The main factor in the emergence of relationships between people is olfactory compatibility, which is based on the analysis of the immune system and the endocrine system. That is, the smell of a person is read at a subconscious level, which carries basic information about his health and hormonal background. Based on this, the process of recognizing the potential father or mother of the intended offspring begins.

Next comes the dopamine period, when people experience physical and psycho-emotional pleasure from intimacy with each other. This lasts from six months to three years. It is intended for the couple to conceive offspring.

If this does not happen, then the stage of the endorphin period begins, when people begin to feel the need for hugs, long caresses. They spend a lot of time together. If we compare the effects, we can give an example of the impact on the human psyche of cocaine – a dopamine blocker and heroin – an endorphin blocker.

If in this case, the couple does not have children, then the third and longest period begins, which leads to addiction – benzodiazepine. Nature understands that this couple has every chance to have offspring, and therefore binds even stronger.

The main misunderstandings and disagreements happen after the birth of children or a long period of relationship. So, couples are encouraged to resort to diversity in intimate life. But before that, psychologists recommend to talk frankly with each other in order to find out the main accumulated internal disagreements. After that, you can safely change the situation, go to the adult store and purchase the appropriate “toys”. This should be as the final stage of the common work that both partners must carry out. Otherwise, it won’t make any sense!