How to distinguish the original perfume from the so-called “replicas”, and in fact – low-quality fakes, is not an idle question. Along with branded watches, perfumery shares the first place in the world counterfeit turnover. If the equipment just breaks down, then the situation with toilet water is much more dangerous. An alcoholic liquid made from unknown cheap ingredients will, at best, cause a migraine. At worst, an allergic reaction on the skin.

In this material, the Flaconi online store will analyze in detail how to distinguish a fake perfume from the original. What to pay attention to when buying. Also, what little things that are imperceptible at first glance indicate that you have a fake in your hands, and not a quality branded product. Go!

Packaging: How To Distinguish Real Perfume At First Inspection

Currently, there is an unspoken code among the largest manufacturers of how perfume packaging should look. It will differ from fakes in everything – from the general presentation to the design:

Cardboard – it is always of high quality, dense, with well-read letters, logos and numbers. When you see a smeared font, embossing foil crumbling at the slightest touch, there are two options:

  • perfumes were stored incorrectly in the warehouse, and the store is unscrupulous in its  direct duties;
  • t is a “replica”.

In the Flaconi online store, the quality of storage is very strictly monitored.

  • Cellophane is a branded product, if we are not talking about an unpacked display case. Perfume is almost always hand-wrapped in foil. In no case should it pull the box together, forming unpleasant bruises. And the weld in the lower part does not exceed 5-6 millimeters in width. All signatures are clearly visible through it.
  • Inner substrate – European fashion houses do not save on cardboard. Opening the cap, the buyer sees another one inside, which forms an “anatomical” liner for the bottle. He repeats his form. As a rule, it is a soft, corrugated material. At the same time, it reliably protects fragile glass during transportation and rearrangement in a showcase. 

When you receive a product from the Flaconi online store, you can unpack and check the perfume or cosmetics.

The Next Step Is To Carefully Study What Is Written On The Package:

  • Barcode – here you have to remember the location of the numbers. The markings of the regions where the perfume was produced begin with them. For France, this range is 30-37, for Canada and the USA – 00-09, Italy – 80-83, Spain – 84, Great Britain – 50.
  • The serial number is the second most important alphanumeric cipher. It encodes information about the brand, model and other technical details of the product. In 95% of cases, it is not printed or glued, but applied by deep embossing to the box.
  • Indication of the country of manufacture – must be written in the form: Made in France, etc. At the same time, on the front side there is often a word – Paris.
  • The volume is strictly in two units of measure – the so-called “fluid ounces”. This is the abbreviation for “FL. O.Z.” – in front and milliliters on the reverse side.

The Flaconi online store works with direct suppliers, so all labeling requirements are met.

Bottle – How To Distinguish A Real Perfume After Opening The Package

Checking the box is not limited to inspection – the requirements for the bottle are not less:

  • the form, if no special original design is provided, is strictly symmetrical, both vertically and horizontally;
  • the presence of any sharp corners, chips, cracks, scratches, marks or “seams” from poor-quality pouring on the mold is not allowed;
  • the lid – without play, fits snugly to the neck, but not so much that you have to apply force to open it;
  • be sure to shake the bottle two or three times and observe – the bubbles should remain on the surface for at least 10 seconds without dissolving;
  • the color of the liquid is as transparent as possible, even when the glass is tinted or colored. Turbidity, sediment and obvious chemical dyes are unacceptable;
  • the sprayer is soldered “tightly”. It is easier for well-assembled vials to break off the neck than to try to disconnect it;
  • The tube is calibrated according to the height of the container. It may lie slightly on the bottom, but not twist or “hang” in the middle of the liquid, making it difficult to use;
  • The first two or three “zilch” after the opening will go “idle”. A well-assembled button mechanism first pumps air before supplying spirits.

French brands have bottles with a thin bottom of a slightly concave texture. This is done in order to make it more convenient to keep it at the time of demonstration in the store.

The Flaconi online store very strictly monitors each batch of goods for inconsistencies.

Concentration And Fragrance – The Final Check Of Perfume For Authenticity

After the visual inspection is completed, and there are no complaints about the box with the bottle, it’s time to taste the perfume. The way to check is simple – carefully listen to your own sense of smell. At the same time, we must not forget about some important nuances:

  • the permissible alcohol content in perfumes is 85%, in toilet water – no more than 75%. When mixed with quality essential oils, ethyl is assimilated. The characteristic alcoholic smell disappears, which cannot be said about fakes;
  • Apply perfume only to clean, dry skin, in a moderate dose. Once on a sweaty or hot neck after physical exertion, the composition is mixed with sweat-fat secretions. As a result, it gives an unpleasant range of shades and is confusing;
  • don’t be afraid to “walk” your perfume outdoors. Here you can understand their quality. After you return to the room, the fleur should still be read well. If it has completely disappeared – you should think about the authenticity of the product;
  • on the other hand, high durability does not always mean quality. The flagship “summer” fragrances, on the contrary, are made muted, with an emphasis on fresh notes. They play around with a slight sourness or subtle sweetness.

Finally, it is worth noting: a good perfume is a high-quality and expensive product. It must meet all standards and criteria. Bad toilet water or perfume, at best, can scare everyone away. At worst, cause irreparable harm to yourself. Order the best cosmetics and perfumes in the Flaconi online store.