Remote work is a great option, but how to make your employees be back to office after long working from beloved home? Make it better! It’s just time to remodel and redecorate your work place to care about your employees. Let’s talk about some vital and just pleasant things you can rotate there. Read our article to the end!

Required Furniture

Office furniture depends on the needs of your future office, its style and the number of people you expect to work in a room. Count the number of people, determine their basic needs and add some funny perks for everyone to set a positive atmosphere!

If you plan to set a modern loft hub for your team, then you can’t just pass by beanbags! But, pay attention that they should be of different sizes, so all the employees of any height could use them. Choose minimalistic plastic or metal tables, which can be transformed in several shapes. They will be comfortable for everyone and won’t take much space.

One more vital thing for every office of any style is… Water cooler and heater device. If you have enough budget to get a coffee machine, that will be great too, but it’s more like a pleasant bonus. Water is more important! And don’t forget to prepare a place for snakes. You should rotate water, sugar, coffee & tea there. By the way, it is also the place where all the cutlery may be found.

You will also need special plastic boxes and containers to keep papers and other stuff. If plastic doesn’t match your eco-friendly philosophy, then it’s better to pick wood or cloth. Moreover, these materials make any place more home-like and cosy.

Pleasant And Helpful Nuances

Mood board. Wanna cheer up the team? Create some ratings like TOP-3 workers of the week and write this on a board. Or everyone can write one wish to the colleagues every morning before work to inspire them.

In-office games for relax and joy. Some companies have already added PlayStations and Xboxes to their must-have lists. And to benefits in job descriptions. We don’t say it’s really vital, but you can choose another games to entertain your team during breaks. For example, table tennis, foosball and so on. They don’t cost much, but make your office more friendly!

A room for sport and other activities. We all need to stop working and take care of our bodies from time to time. Exercising or just physical games make blood filled with Oxygen, so you can focus better or just clear thoughts. Isn’t it the thing every employee needs?