Flowers are the best gift for beloved women and mothers! How to choose the most suitable option? To make a bouquet that really made an impression? Let’s figure it out together!

First, you need to understand what kind of flowers do they like? And already from the realization of this – to order a suitable floristic composition.

Styles Of Artistic Composition

They have been formed since ancient times, when it was necessary to send a religious ritual or celebrate a significant event. For various life situations, there were their own floral arrangements. For example, wreaths that girls wove and brought to Ishtar in ancient Babylon, and then Persia. It was from the administration of rituals that the tradition of composing flower arrangements began. Bouquets of roses, mitres, violets, poppies and lilies were sacrificed to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Also, daffodils, anemones and violets were very popular.

But the real strength of floristry began to gain during the Renaissance, when everything beautiful was sung. And gardeners who know how to grow cultivated plants and flowers were worth their weight in gold. At the court of every self-respecting monarch there has always been a court florist who ordered flowers every day and made compositions from them. Separately for the bedroom, for the toilet room (the place where the royal person changed clothes) and for the dining room. It was believed that the smell of bouquets improves mood and appetite.

Floristry is an art that has a scientific basis. Flower composition is perceived by her as a way of artistic self-expression. Depending on the shape, size, style, all compositions are divided into several main types:

  • line array
  • symmetrical triangle
  • asymmetrical triangle
  • Crescent
  • Hogarth curve
  • reverse crescent
  • horizontal arrangement
  • Fan
  • for fragile, delicate and graceful plants, they take white vases made of glass, porcelain;
  • peonies, gladioli, and other heavy flowers are placed in voluminous ceramic vessels;
  • for snowdrops, pansies, violets, low containers are needed;
  • roses, orchids, lilies, other noble flowers are good in expensive glass, metal flowerpots;
  • tall, slender plants with a rigid stem are placed in conical vases.

This category is the most popular. In it, the base and the shaping frame are covered with plants, leaves and flowers, but it is not completely closed. The filler creates smooth transitions between the elements of the composition, combining them into a single whole.

Strict symmetry contributes to the creation of rigid, solid, perfectly balanced compositions. This has been the case for nearly 60 years. Now a more free approach is used, with smooth, somewhat blurred contours.

Asymmetry is usually associated with freedom, relaxation, some recklessness, so it is more attractive to modern consumers who are tired of strict rigid frames. Distinctive points, for example, arrangements “asymmetric triangle” are L-shaped and flowers and leaves flowing from the edge of a vase or basket. In this case, two paired compositions are typically performed, which are mirror-symmetrical to each other.

For such an ensemble, a shallow container is used with a floral sponge placed inside. To create a composition, arched branches and shoots are needed. In the absence of suitable material, they can be bent by hand after cutting.

It doesn’t matter what kind of flower arrangement you order, the main thing is that your mother or wife, who is also a mother for your children, likes it. The state of happiness and joy from the realization that you appreciate and love them is important!