If you are someone who loves to accessorize, you know how tricky it can be to pair different pieces of jewelry together. Combining multiple pieces simultaneously without looking overdone or messy can be a challenge, but it’s possible to pull it off. Crafted shares some useful tips that will help you combine several pieces of jewelry, no matter the occasion or your style. 

1. Start with something simple

When it comes to creating a jewelry stack, it’s essential to start with something simple. Choose one piece of jewelry from Craftd that will serve as the foundation of your look, such as a delicate necklace, simple hoop earrings, or a basic bracelet. It can be tempting to dive right into a mix of bold, statement pieces, but too many competing elements can end up clashing or overpowering. Once you have a foundation piece, you can build your stack around it.

2. Think in terms of balance

When combining several pieces of jewelry, it’s important to consider balance. You want to create a cohesive and visually balanced look, rather than having too much going on in one area. If you wear a statement necklace, keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. If you’re stacking bracelets, choose pieces that are similar in size and shape, and don’t add too many other elements that will detract from the overall balance.

3. Mix and match textures and styles

One of the best things about combining several pieces of jewelry, according to Craftd, is that you can get creative with different textures and styles. Play around mixing metals, layering different types of chains, and combining contrasting textures like leather and metal. Don’t be afraid to mix classic pieces with more trendy items, like a chunky chain necklace with a dainty pendant or a beaded bracelet with a sleek bangle.

4. Consider the occasion

The occasion for which you’re dressing up matters when combining several pieces of jewelry. For example, a fun and funky mix of bangles and bracelets might look great for a casual brunch, but may not be the best fit for a formal evening event. When in doubt, it’s always better to err on the side of simplicity and elegance. Remember, less is often more when it comes to accessorizing.

5. Experiment and have fun

Finally, the most important rule when combining several pieces of jewelry is to have fun and experiment. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations, mix unexpected pieces, and see what works for you. Remember, your jewelry should reflect your style and taste, so don’t be afraid to let your unique personality shine through. 

Combining several pieces of jewelry from Craftd can be a fun and creative way to add some extra flair to your outfit. Just remember to start with a simple foundation piece, consider balance and occasion, mix and match textures and styles, and most importantly, have fun! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create stunning jewelry stacks that are perfectly suited to your style and personality.