People love to go out into nature. This is especially true for various types of tourist trips. There are various types of this type of recreation – from going down the river to climbing the mountains. But what kind of backpack do you need for such a trip? After all, this is one of the most important things where the most necessary and necessary are added. Of course, the main thing is capacity and convenience. But in this article from Decathlon, we will analyze in detail what a good backpack should be. Go!

What Can Be Inside Your Backpack?

If you are hiking as part of an organized group, commercial or sports, the first thing to do is to get a list of equipment from the leader. The approximate volume of the backpack will be indicated there. You need to be guided by it. And in order to adjust it for yourself, you need to understand what the contents of the backpack consist of. By the way, a duffel bag of any size can be ordered at the Decathlon online store.

  • Personal equipment: clothes, shoes, sleeping bag, dishes and other necessary little things. The weight and volume of this equipment usually decreases with experience: beginners take a lot of extra things, and experienced hikers know what they can do without and take only the most necessary things.
  • Public equipment: tent, gas or fire equipment, first aid kit, repair kit. In group hikes, all this is distributed among the participants. For example, one carries the awning from the tent, the other – the inner tent, the third – arcs and a burner.
  • Special equipment: depending on the type of hike, these can be ropes and “iron” for a mountain hike. Also, kayaks and catamarans for water skiing or snowshoes for winter.
  • Products. Their weight and volume depend on the ability of the supply manager to facilitate the product layout.

An important point is what kind of rug you take on a hike. They are usually worn outside. Therefore, there is no need to lay a place inside the backpack for them. But inflatable and self-inflating rugs are worn inside, and they are different. The most compact ones occupy a volume with a liter thermos, others are the size of a small sleeping bag. So, if you go with an inflatable mat, do not forget to take into account its volume. However, a backpack of any size and displacement can be ordered from the Decathlon online store.

What Influences The Choice of the Backpack’s Capacity?

  • Type of trip. For trekking in the Alps and a sports hike in the Tien Shan, the difference in the volume of the backpack will be significant.
  • The duration of the trip. It is clear that backpacks of different sizes are needed for a weekend walk and a three-week autonomous expedition.
  • Route specifics. The volume of the backpack depends a lot on whether you live in tents or houses. Bring food with you or eat at shelters. The season is also important – in winter there are more things and they are more voluminous than in summer. Technically difficult routes may require additional climbing equipment.
  • Individual characteristics. A girl 150 cm tall and a two-meter-high man need different backpacks on the same trip – if only because their things take up different volumes.
  • Approach to equipment selection: “traditional” or “light-moving”. An experienced hiker-light-walker manages with a 50-liter backpack where a beginner will take an 80-liter one. However, you can order a duffel bag of any volume and displacement in the Decathlon online store.

Now let’s look at these factors in more detail.

Decide On The Purpose Of The Backpack

The first and main question that needs to be answered before choosing the size of a backpack is: where will you go with it? On a weekend trip or a long expedition, on a water or ski trip. For light trekking or category mountain hiking. It is logical that the longer the hike, the larger the backpack should be. At a minimum, you need to take more food and gas bottles, clean socks and spare clothes.

  • For summer weekend hikes, for example, in the forest or low mountains, a backpack with a volume of 40-50 liters is enough.
  • For trekking or simple mountain hikes, backpacks with a volume of 50 to 85 liters are suitable. To give a more accurate figure, you need to know the specifics of the route.
  • For categorical mountain hikes and expeditions, you need at least 80-90 liters. In such trips, a lot of space is occupied by special tourist equipment. These are ropes, a safety system and other hardware. Accordingly, a backpack for such trips should be larger than for simple trekking, where special equipment is not needed.
  • For water and ski trips, you need the largest backpack, with a volume of 90-120 liters. On a water trip you will have to carry a boat with you. And even folding kayaks take up space. There will always be more things on a ski trip than on a summer hike. Because in winter you need to dress warmer.
  • A separate story – hiking with small children. This is an option when one of the parents carries the child, the second – everything else.

But, a backpack of any size can be ordered in the Decathlon online store.

By the way, a very important point.

If you choose the first equipment, make sure that the sleeping bag fits in the backpack. In addition, there should be room for other things. For example, on a weekend hike, you can take a backpack with a volume of 40 liters. But, if you go to the forest in winter, you will most likely need a warm sleeping bag. It will take up the entire backpack, and there will be no room for anything. Therefore, before buying a backpack and a sleeping bag, just in case, check them for compatibility. A duffel bag of any size can be purchased at the Decathlon online store.

In subsequent articles from Decathlon, we will continue to analyze the features of outdoor equipment. Be active and happy!