Recently, glasses are increasingly used by many people not only as a means of vision correction, but also as a fashion accessory, an addition to the image. One of the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing glasses is a suitable frame. It should be not only beautiful, but also necessarily comfortable, especially if you need to wear glasses all the time. By the way, the most stylish eyeglasses can be bought at the Optical Center website. Follow the pinned link!

For many of us, the most important aspect when choosing frames is how they look on the face. Undoubtedly, if time permits, you can try on all or at least your favorite frames presented in the optical salon. You can also invite friends along to help you make the right choice.

But what if there is little time, and friends could not form a support group? In addition, the practice of shopping teaches us that the wider the range, the more difficult it is to make a choice. For such situations, there are several simple rules with which you can narrow down your choice in advance, and therefore significantly reduce the time for choosing a frame. The Optical Center website presents the most relevant models of eyeglasses and frames. Follow the pinned link!

First, when choosing a frame, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The frame should match the “zest” in appearance. For example, a blue frame, or a frame with blue accents, is best suited for blue eyes.
  • The shape of the frame should be the opposite of the shape of your face.
  • The size of the frame should be commensurate with the size of the face.

Next, you need to determine your face shape, as well as the color scheme and the material from which the frame is made. On the Optical Center website, you can choose frames according to the shape of your face. Follow the pinned link!

Frame And Face Shape

Round Face

The round face has curved lines, the width and length are approximately equal, there are no corners. In order to visually lengthen and reduce the width of the face, try narrow rectangular frames with a subtle nose bridge in order to visually widen the eyes. For this type of face, frames are suitable, in which the width of the eyepiece is greater than its height.

Oval Face

An oval face is considered ideal due to the balance of proportions. In order not to disturb this perfect natural balance, you should choose a frame that matches the width of the widest part of the face.

Elongated Face

The elongated face is characterized by a long narrow cheek line and an elongated nose. In order to make such a face look shorter and more proportionate visually, choose frames that are taller than the width of the eyepiece and have a low nose bridge. Various patterns and decorative elements on the arms of the frame will also look good.

Triangular Face (Base Down)

This type of face is characterized by a narrow forehead and a wide chin. Therefore, to emphasize (visual expansion) of the upper part of the face, choose a frame with contrasting inserts on the top of the eyepiece. The so-called “cat” frames are very well suited to this face shape.

Triangular Face (Base Up)

Such a face is characterized by a wide forehead and a narrow chin. To visually reduce the upper part of the face, use a frame in which the eyepieces expand downwards. It is best to choose a frame of lighter shades, made of lightweight materials.

Rimless (screw) frame will suit this type of face as well as possible, creating the effect of transparent, weightless glasses.

Diamond Face

This face shape is quite rare. This type of face is characterized by a narrowing in the area of ​​the eyes and chin with an expansion in the area of ​​the zygomatic bones. In this case, the frame will primarily be faced with the task of highlighting the eyes and masking the prominent zygomatic line. To do this, you need to choose a frame, the emphasis of which is focused on the eyebrow line. Also, oval and “cat” shaped frames are suitable for this type of face.

Square Face

This type of face is characterized by a wide chin and forehead. To lengthen and smooth the corners of such a face, narrow oval and rectangular frames are best. For this type of face, frames are suitable, in which the width of the eyepiece is greater than its height.

How To Choose Frame Color?

In order to more easily determine your “color type”, you need to understand a few basic rules:

Each person according to the color characteristic belongs either to the cold (blue) or to the warm (yellow) range.

Any person looks most attractive in clothes and accessories of his own range.

The frame or sunglasses should also match the color type.

It is also useful to know that the main factors that determine the color type include the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

Color Of The Skin

Skin color is the most basic factor that determines a person’s color type.

In people with a cool color type, the skin, as a rule, has a bluish or light pink tint. Who has a “warm” color type – skin of “peach” or “cream” color. “Olive” skin refers to the cold range, because. is an optical mixture of blue and yellow.

Eye Color

Eye color affects the definition of color type much less than skin color, because. eye color can vary significantly depending on the light and environmental conditions. For example, blue eyes can appear almost purple (cold colors) and blue-gray (warm colors) depending on the setting.

Hair Color

Hair color can also belong to warm or cold colors. Bright blond, platinum, bluish black, white, auburn are considered cool colors. Warm colors include golden blonde, brown-black, golden-black, carrot and grey.

What frame color to choose according to the color type? For a cold range, frames of these colors are best suited: black, silver, pinkish brown, gray-blue, purple, pink, blue, jade or dark amber.

For a warm range, yellow, khaki, gold, copper, peach, orange, coral, bright red and deep blue are suitable.

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