Cosmetics for face care are present in the arsenal of frequently used products for every woman. In some cases, this is one or two bottles of your favorite foam and cream, in others – a set of care products for morning, evening, weekly beauty rituals. What cosmetics for the face is better to choose – each woman decides for herself. But when choosing, you should follow a few simple rules. In this article, together with the Glossybox website, we will analyze them. Begin!

Choose Beauty Products According to Your Age

A weighty criterion for choosing cosmetics is compliance with the woman’s age. The numbers indicated on the packaging are not just a marketing ploy. They directly depend on what ingredients are included in the composition of the product.

The older the skin, the more functional the care should be. If girls under 25 are good enough to clean and moisturize the covers, then after 30 such procedures are indispensable. Here you will already need intensive anti-aging care, deeper cleansing, skin toning.

Conclusion – do not neglect the recommendations of manufacturers. Having bought a cream or a mask for young skin, when additional photos have been pasted into the passport for a long time, you will not become younger, but you will waste your money. By the way, the most effective cosmetics can be ordered on the Glossybox website.

Choosing Cosmetics By Price


The cost of cosmetics has a great influence on the purchasing power of consumers. Is it worth it to buy expensive beauty products?

The issue of a high price can be associated with 2 factors:

  • product branding;
  • the composition of the agent.

The cosmetic products presented on the market are divided into categories – mass market, professional, luxury. Cheap remedies can be effective, but obvious results after their application should not be expected. The price of ingredients that effectively affect the skin, their processing cannot be low! If you want to see the result, choose products from professional and luxury series.

Sometimes the cost of cosmetics is not justified by the composition and is formed solely because of the big name of the manufacturer. Important! Read the product label carefully and read the ingredients. The first third of the list should contain active ingredients that have an effective effect on the skin. If the component declared by the manufacturer is placed at the end of the list, its amount in the cream or lotion is minimal. However, effective skin care products can be ordered from the Glossybox website.

Choose Cosmetics According To Skin Type

When developing cosmetic products, manufacturers take into account the specifics of skin types. Owners of dry, oily, sensitive, combination skin will suit different products!

For dry skin, choose a combination of products with a moisturizing effect. For girls with oily skin, cosmetics with a delicate light texture, normalizing the secretion of sebum, with an antibacterial effect, are suitable. Women with normal-type integuments are the most fortunate – it is easiest for them to choose cosmetics.

What products are needed for effective skin care

Complete facial skin care includes 3 stages:

  • cleansing – daily done with soap, foam, milk, washing gel, scrub or peeling, exfoliant, masks are used 1-2 times a week;
  • toning – a tonic, lotion, micellar water is used daily;
  • moisturizing – carried out twice a day with the help of creams (day, night), 1-2 times a week, moisturizing masks can be applied to the face.

In addition to the traditional mandatory facial skin care products, the ritual can be supplemented by the application of innovative products – serum, essences, fluid, elixir, oil. All of these products can be ordered on the Glossybox website.

The Choice Of Skin Care Cosmetics Depending On The Season

Do not forget about the seasonality of cosmetics. In winter, saturated, nutritious textures are relevant, intensively saturates the skin with useful substances. In the summer, light, gentle products are used that provide deep hydration of the skin. At all times of the year, the skin should be protected from the harmful effects of the environment – wind, cold, ultraviolet radiation. For the summer period, choose cosmetics with an SPF higher than for winter application. Any seasonal cosmetics can be bought in the Glossybox online store.


When choosing cosmetics for facial care, be guided by the following criteria:

  • skin type;
  • age;
  • the price of cosmetics;
  • composition of the product;
  • seasonality.

Do not forget about the security of funds. The more natural (or better – organic) substances in the composition, the more useful and effective the care will be. Avoid products with mineral oils, petroleum derivatives, parabens. You should not buy products with silicones, alcohols, artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives that are hazardous to health. Order cosmetics only on trusted sites. For example, in the Glossybox online store. This is the highest quality product!