Picking out the perfect glasses can be tricky. With so many shapes, colors, and styles available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Wearing glasses from Frames Direct is a statement, so you want to make sure you choose a pair that represents your unique style and personality.

But, how do you pick the perfect pair that suits you perfectly? Frames Direct takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to choose glasses that not only look great but also fit you perfectly.

1. Determine Your Face Shape

The first step in choosing the perfect glasses is determining your face shape. The shape of your face will play a significant role in finding the perfect pair. There are five basic face shapes: round, oval, square, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped. Certain glasses shapes tend to flatter specific face shapes. For example, round frames tend to suit square faces, while oval or rectangular frames often complement rounder faces.

2. Identify the Right Frame Size

Once you’ve determined your face shape, it’s time to find the right frame size. Frames come in different sizes, and it’s crucial to pick a size that complements your face. The perfect frame size should balance your facial features by covering your eyebrow, cheekbone, and about half of your nose bridge. If you’re unsure about the size, you can check the dimensions of the frame by looking for the numbers printed on the glasses’ temple (arms) of the frame.

3. Consider Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone can also play a significant role in finding the perfect glasses. The ideal frame color tends to complement your skin tone. Warm skin tones tend to look great with earthy tones like brown, tortoise, or gold frames. Meanwhile, cool skin tones are better suited for silver, black, or blue colors.

4. Personality Matters

Your glasses are a reflection of your personality, so choose a pair that represents you. If you’re bold and outgoing, try glasses with bright colors or unusual shapes. If you’re more reserved, understated frames and colors may work for you. At the end of the day, the glasses you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident.

5. Try Them On

Finally, the ultimate test is trying your chosen glasses on. Glasses are an investment, so it’s essential to make sure you’re entirely happy with the pair you’ve chosen. Don’t be afraid to take your time, ask for advice from friends or family, and consider different frames until you find one that suits you best. At Frames Direct, we understand how important it is to get the right fit, and that’s why we offer our Virtual Try-On tool to help you try on glasses online before making a purchase.

In summary, choosing the perfect glasses requires considering many factors, including your face shape, skin tone, and personality. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to find a pair of glasses that feels comfortable and looks great. Remember, the right pair of glasses can make a big difference in your overall appearance, and at Frames Direct, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect pair. So why wait? Head to our website today and start exploring our extensive collection of excellent frames!