Summer is over, and the first time in a long term you want to cover yourself with a warm blanket at night. And if we ignore the lyrical subtext of the statement – it is this bedding that makes our nightly rest comfortable. Let’s try together to figure out what factors to consider when buying. By the way, the best blanket can be ordered on the Linvosges website. 

At the same time, it should be understood that not only the objective characteristics and properties of the object are important, but also the subjective sensations of a person. One is enough warm and almost weightless bedspread, the other will not be able to sleep without feeling the pleasant heaviness of a wadded blanket.

Purchasing quality bedding is not as easy as it might seem at first. And before going to the store, you should ask yourself which blanket to choose and what should be the main criteria for evaluating it. By the way, it can be ordered on the Linvosges website. The main factors are:

The ability to maintain a comfortable body temperature during sleep, which should correspond to the climatic season.

The materials from which the blankets are made (cover fabrics and stuffing).

The density of the filler and the weight of the blanket.

Features of the use and care of the subject.

There is a huge selection of blankets on the market. Which blanket to choose for many is not an idle question. But this can be avoided. The Linvosges online store offers a wide selection of different blankets. Follow the link!

Warming Properties of Blankets

For the convenience of buyers, some manufacturers mark their products with special symbols. They are indicated on the labels of blankets – these can be dots or parallel wavy lines in an amount from one to five. They mean the following:

  • One badge is a light summer coverlet.
  • Two is easy.
  • Three – all season.
  • Four is warm.
  • Five is very warm.

Light bedspreads are suitable for those who prefer a night’s rest without pajamas. At the same time, the temperature in the bedroom should be comfortable. It is desirable that it does not fall below 22 ° C. Sleep well under a Linvosges duvet in the hot summer.

All-weather blankets are designed for living quarters where the temperature is maintained between 18 and 22 °C all year round. The warming properties of a product from Linvosges will be enough to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Warm and very warm blankets are recommended for those who live in cool apartments or houses. They are also suitable for those who are used to well-ventilated bedrooms before going to bed. Under the Linvosges insulated blanket, you will be cozy even if the temperature drops to 17 °C.

Types of Blankets

When choosing bedding, pay attention to the way they are made. To understand which blanket is better, you should understand the technologies of their production. There are two main types of products: printed and quilted, recently there have also been combined ones.

Let’s take a closer look at the mentioned technologies for making blankets:

  • Stuffed. Made from natural raw materials: sheep and camel wool. Other natural and artificial fibers can be added to it. The material is well cleaned, washed and processed. With the help of special equipment, fibers are stuffed into a textile base.
  • Quilted. Filler is placed between two pieces of fabric. After that, the package is flashed on special equipment. The edges of the blanket are sheathed with braid or wrapped inward and a piping is sewn between them. Quilting helps to preserve the structure of the fiber and does not allow it to stray into large lumps. There are different firmware options: cassette (squares or rhombuses with a side of 10 to 15 cm) and karostep (patterned).
  • Combined. One side of the blanket is made of fabric, the other is a printed woolen or half-woolen fabric. Inside there is a filler, the entire surface is additionally stitched.

A separate type of blankets can be considered products such as “Four Seasons”, “Winter-Summer” or “Two in One”. Different names, but the principle is the same. Two quilted lightweight bedspreads are connected along the edge with buttons. Single is used in summer, double is used in winter.

In subsequent articles, we will analyze in detail the materials and methods of tailoring. Warmth for your home!