The choice of good sports trainers is fundamental for comfortable exercising. If you have good running shoes, like Nike, then the risk of ankle injuries is reduced by 25%. At the same time, the joint does not break when you run on asphalt or other hard surfaces. Anyway, it’s vital to have the right sneakers for all kinds of activity.

Types Of Trainers:

Foremost, they are divided into subspecies:

  • Running trainers;
  • Basketball;
  • Football boots;
  • Casual;
  • Tennis;
  • For fitness;
  • Skate;
  • For tourism and outdoor activities.

As you already understood, each model has its own sole structure and upper material. Well, let’s consider the most popular types separately.

For Running

The running shoes are the lightest ones in Nike’s lineup. The shoes completely follow the shape of the foot, have a flexible toe, a low top and a hard heel counter. The upper is made from a variety of materials, including mesh for breathability, synthetic leather for durability, and knit to prevent chafing.

Running trainers have excellent cushioning. Depending on the load per square centimeter of contact area, elastic and resilient foam or denser polyurethane is used. The outsole, dependably, has treads for traction and multidirectional flex grooves to protect against rocks and mud. This design provides natural flexion of the ankle joint, without straining it while running, but, on the contrary, relieving the load as much as possible. The outsole – the front part of the shoe – is usually made of carbon or inflatable rubber. The first option is stronger, but at the same time tougher and heavier.

Since 2017, Nike has introduced lightweight ZoomX foam cushioning to help reduce energy costs by 4%. At the same time, Nike releases another innovative technology called React. This material replaced the Lunarlon line, which is 13% less ergonomic than the new cushioning. Nike React is currently the most durable foam that is not subject to rapid wear and tear from systematic heavy loads. These shoes can be purchased on our website.

For basketball

These are specialized shoes, usually with a high boot and several degrees of ankle fixation. This effect is achieved through laces, special Velcro, belts and zippers. There are medium and low models, but in these cases, the fixation of the joints decreases, but the indicators of maneuverability and speed increase.

Basketball shoes are divided into two options – for the street and for the hall. The outsole of all models of such shoes has a deep embossed pattern for reliable grip. And the upper part, as a rule, consists of leather, special canvas or synthetics. Certain models of basketball shoes are equipped with mesh panels that allow air to pass through. Also, they are reinforced with a rigid frame designed to keep the shape of the shoe as long as possible. A hallmark of all Nike basketball shoe lines is the Air technology, which was developed back in 1979. She started the Jordan Brand series. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the sole consists of special gas capsules, which not only cushion, but also soften the impact of the sole upon landing. You can also order these specialized models on our website.


They are designed to play football. Previously, 40-50 years ago, they were often made of leather. Today, most boots are made from synthetics. This greatly lightens the weight of the shoe itself and reduces the load on the ankle, which is of fundamental importance for the development of speed on the football field. Naturally, leather inserts remained on certain models, but mostly closer to the fold of the foot. The hitting surface is almost always made of a reinforced synthetic compound. The advantage of leather is that it allows more air to pass through, and the texture is softer. But, for example, in rainy weather, the skin absorbs moisture and boots become heavier. Synthetics, with less air permeability, remain impervious to water. A distinctive feature of Nike boots is Flyknit seamless weaving technology, which was presented in 2014. Its advantages: wear resistance, low weight and high level of ventilation. Boots for playing football, futsal and futsal can be ordered on our website.

In conclusion, I would like to wish you safe and productive sports that would bring you joy and pleasure, and Nike will help you with this!