Often, needlewomen often face the question of the correct selection of threads for crocheting. After all, a summer blouse or skirt that is not always liked contains a complete description of the knitting process with the necessary materials. In this case, you have to select both the yarn and the hook yourself. In this article, together with The Knitting Network, we will analyze in detail the types of yarn for creating the most fashionable things. Moreover, this year they are in trend.

Types of Yarn for Knitting

Yarn for knitting can be natural, artificial and synthetic. This division is related to the type of fiber that is used in the manufacture of yarn.

Cotton and linen is a natural fiber, the popularity of which is due to its high hygiene and low cost.

Bamboo, cashmere, wool, mohair, alpaca are natural wool yarns. For its manufacture, natural materials of plant or animal origin are used.

Artificial yarn is also based on natural fibers, but they are subjected to certain chemical processing. The most famous artificial yarn is viscose.

Synthetic yarn is entirely a product of the chemical industry and has appeared relatively recently. It includes acrylic, polyester, lurex, nylon, polyamide and others.

Manufacturers are now creating blended yarns that contain a certain percentage of natural and man-made fibers. By the way, the best yarn can be ordered on the website of The Knitting Network.

Main Features of Yarn

Basic information about yarn can be found on its label. There you will find both the composition and the rules of care, color, batch number, manufacturer. For the choice of yarn, in addition to color, the following designations are of primary interest:

Yarn thickness. This indicator indicates how many meters of thread per 100 grams of yarn. For example: 100 g / 260 m – 100 g of yarn contains 260 m. This ratio helps to understand which thread is thick and how many grams of such yarn are needed for a particular product. The more meters of yarn in a skein, the thinner it is.

Knitting density and recommended hook. It is mainly shown in a 10 * 10 cm square, from which you can find out how many loops and rows are in this format. Also, these parameters show which tools will be optimal for knitting and when using which the density of the product will be approximately the same as indicated in the designation on the label. Using these designations, you can adjust the density of the product by choosing a larger or smaller hook. It is worth remembering that it all depends on how tightly you knit.

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Crochet Threads

For crocheting, you need to purchase threads only for hand knitting.

You can crochet both warm winter things: sweaters, scarves, and light summer T-shirts and swimwear.

Yarn must be selected according to the composition that you like, for example, for summer products it is good to take cotton or viscose yarn. It is pleasant, natural, hygroscopic, wears well.

But, in addition to the correct selection of threads, it is necessary to choose a hook corresponding to the thickness of the thread:

  • for cotton yarn with parameters 1600 – 2000m/100g. suitable hook from 1 to 2 mm.
  • for yarn 300 – 500 m/100g. it is better to take a hook from 2 to 2.5 mm.
  • for yarn 250 – 350 m/100g. use a 2.5 – 3 mm hook.
  • for yarn 200 m / 100 g – hook 3 – 4 mm.
  • for yarn in 100m./100g. – hook from 4 to 6 mm.
  • for thicker yarn, thicker hooks of 7, 8, 9 mm can also be used. or even thicker.

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Selection Of Yarn For Knitting

When choosing yarn, you should pay attention to how elastic the thread is, how it is twisted and how even it is. For a hook, threads that are twisted quite tightly are recommended. They are easily crocheted, lie down and do not divide into separate threads.

Elastic, elastic yarn (it, when pulled, returns to its normal shape and does not tear) keeps its shape well and retains its properties after washing. The evenness of the yarn is very important for the formation of a smooth uniform fabric.

If you are purchasing yarn, then it is better to take the required amount for one product at once, as it often happens that batches may differ slightly in tone. And in the finished thing, it becomes especially noticeable. But if you want to knit a really worthwhile sweater or dress, then order yarn on The Knitting Network website. Here she is the best! Follow the pinned link!