The kitchen table should be ergonomic, practical and comfortable. In addition, aesthetic, because usually the inhabitants of a small city apartment not only dine in the kitchen, but also read, work and communicate. Among other things, it is a piece of furniture that must fit into the overall design. There are many types of tables:

  • wood; 
  • wood with epoxy resin;
  • metal elements and so on. 

But how do you choose a good design? After all, it should last a very long time. Let’s figure it out together! In this article, together with the Id Market online store, we will touch on this topic. Let’s go!


Today, many people choose products from chipboard and MDF. Such options are inexpensive, but they do not differ in durability. And tables made of natural wood have important advantages. By the way, any kind of table can be bought in the Id Market online store.

Strength. The table will not fall apart and will not break even if one day the children get out on it and start jumping. Moisture resistance. Hardwood has very dense fibers. It is very difficult for moisture to penetrate through them. Among other things, with proper processing, parasites do not start. By the way, good manufacturers make compensatory cuts on the countertop, which allow you to avoid increasing the countertop in volume.

  • Nice appearance. Oak furniture will become the conceptual center of the room. The expressive pattern and pleasant texture of the surface will be in harmony with any interior.
  • Big weight. Knocking over a heavy object is not so easy. In addition, oak products are very durable.
  • Wear resistance. On the surface of the model, made of durable wood (for example, oak), there will definitely not be scratches, chips or any other damage.

The size


If all family members rarely gather in the kitchen, then you should not buy a large table. Height matters too. If you like bar options, order a high bar and bar stools. And if you love Japanese style, then pick up a low model. The transformer will be an excellent solution for a small kitchen, where many people often gather. Such table options can be purchased at the Id Market online store.

Number of Legs

On the market you can find wooden kitchen tables with one, three, four and five legs. In some stores there are even models without legs that are attached directly to the wall. Be sure to pay attention to the number of supports, because the smaller they are, the easier it will be to push the chairs. This little thing will help you save a lot of space! Tables of all types and sizes can be bought on the Id Market website.

The Form

Models of square, round and oval shape are designed for large rooms. They create an interesting geometry of space, but in a small kitchen such a “decoration” will become a real stumbling block. The best solution for an ordinary city apartment is rectangular wooden kitchen tables. By the way, they can also be ordered in the Id Market online store.


In small kitchens, every centimeter is a jewel. Order a tabletop with drawers, and you will be able to “expand” the usable area of ​​the furniture! In addition, it is worth taking a closer look at retractable options and transformers. For example, a massive oak table can quickly turn into a compact coffee table. Such options can also be ordered on the Id Market website.

If you have a choice to order a kitchen set made of wood or, for example, MDF, then choose the first option. Believe me, the grandchildren will get more! However, various options for kitchen tables can be found at the Id Market online store.