Useful tips that will always be helpful when buying a perfume. Particular attention is paid to the problem of purchasing perfumes in online stores. As well as the peculiarities of choosing toilet water based on skin type and season. The allbeauty online store in this article has selected the TOP tips for picking good perfumes. Go!

From time immemorial, the concepts of “woman” and “perfume” have been inseparable. And it seems that women should know everything about perfumes and toilet waters. However, every woman at least once faced the question of what kind of perfume to buy, so as not to miscalculate… The allbeauty online store can help with this.

The correct choice of a particular perfume product depends on various factors, but the final decision should be based, first of all, on the awareness of the purpose for which it is purchased. It’s not a secret to anyone that the times when perfumes were necessary for a woman for the sole purpose of hiding an unpleasant body odor have passed. In our time, eau de toilette, above all, gives a wonderful feeling of confidence. And also at the olfactory level, it makes the image of the hostess of a pleasant aroma more attractive. Such fragrances can be purchased at the allbeauty online store.

You should pay special attention to the choice of perfumes. The reason is the possible incompatibility of the smell of a perfume composition and the type of skin of a particular person. That is, on the skin of one person, certain perfumes will be fragrant, and on the skin of another, the effect may be the opposite. Therefore, before buying, be sure to test your favorite sample of toilet water on a small area of ​​ wrist. No less important is the difference between a daytime perfume and an evening one.

It must be taken into account: eau de toilette, which is customary to wear during daylight hours, as a rule, has a more subtle and elusive smell than evening perfumes. Evening – characterized by a more languid and viscous train. In addition, there are differences depending on the time of year: in the cold season, combinations of musky and woody notes will be ideal. And in the hot season – citrus and floral shades. These fragrances can be purchased at the allbeauty online store.

Aroma Selection Rules:

  1. It is better to choose a perfume at the beginning of the day. In the morning, the sense of smell is most sensitive. Girls are also advised to consider fluctuations in the menstrual cycle. The most acute sense of smell is a few days before the start of the cycle.
  2. When you plan to buy a fragrance, it is better not to use perfumes on this day: no deodorants and perfume oils. Extraneous odors will interfere with the composition.
  3. To make it easier to make a choice, take a look at the types of fragrances you need in advance: evening or daytime, oriental or marine.
  4. According to statistics, young girls are more likely to prefer fresh, light fragrances with fruity notes, as well as unisex fragrances.
  5. How to smell the aroma? Spray the fragrance onto the blotter. After 2-5 seconds, inhale the fragrance from a distance of several centimeters. If you like the notes, apply the fragrance on your wrist. It will be possible to evaluate whether this is your aroma in 5-10 minutes, when the aroma will open in the entire composition.
  6. If you like the fragrance, remember or write down or photograph the price tag with the name and go home. It is advisable to spend some time with the fragrance. This is necessary to understand how it reveals itself to you throughout the entire period and whether it suits you.
  7. Take your time when choosing a fragrance. You need to be sure that it is combined with the skin. Remember that every scent smells different on every person. And if you are pleased to hear the fragrance on someone, then it is not a fact that it will also open up on you.
  8. For one trip to the store, you should not taste more than 3-4 perfumes. After each aroma, take a break and smell the coffee beans. The aroma of coffee neutralizes the saturation of the perfume. But it’s better to digress and return to the choice after a while.
  9. Once again: the blotters of the selected fragrances should be signed and, after returning home, periodically return to them. Try to hear the scent over time. Perfume should please you, at every stage of disclosure.

If everything is fine, then feel free to order perfume in the allbeauty online store.

The “price-quality” dilemma facing many buyers deserves special attention. Very often you can find large bottles of perfume in stores or the subway at fairly low prices. This is a sign—replicas or licenses of fragrances. Not everyone understands that the perfume composition of such products will evaporate much faster due to the low quality of the product. Such “scents” simply will not be revealed. In addition, a budget, low-quality perfume can harm the skin.

Nowadays, the choice of toilet water is huge, the price segment is diverse, and the financial possibilities of women are great. Perfume lovers have a wide choice in the allbeauty online store.

But the problem of buying a perfume online is the impossibility of smelling and even more so checking the compatibility of the fragrance with the skin of a particular person. Although, this situation is not without advantages: it is online stores that often offer good products at the best prices.

In any case, remember that high-quality eau de toilette and perfume increase a woman’s sensuality, her sexuality. And not a single man will pass by a pleasantly smelling and self-confident lady! Therefore, feel free to order your favorite fragrances in the allbeauty online store.