The bag is a symbol of femininity, emphasizing the identity and status of the owner. A tastefully chosen accessory can become an adornment of the image, performing a number of productive functions. By the way, an incredible collection of the most trendy bags from world brands can be found on the We Love Bags website. Follow the pinned link!

Women’s Leather Bags For All Occasions

Good leather guarantees strength and durability when properly maintained. This is one of the first materials available to primitive man.

The advantages of leather products are known from ancient times:

  • The skin is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and devoid of the specific smell of plastic;
  • It is recognized in society as an indicator of high status – this is a timeless solution;
  • Accessories will retain their appearance and properties for a long time. They are great for everyday wear and active use;
  • The work of even the simplest cut will look elegant;
  • The skin can be combined with any style of clothing, it does not require careful care, it is only important to follow the basic rules and recommendations.

Genuine leather is different:

  • Crust – smooth with a complex structure and natural pattern.
  • Flotar – granular soft with a persistent color, resistant to dirt, damage and moisture.
  • Saffiano has a special protective coating.
  • Crazy Horse – great for vintage style items.
  • Suede and velor have an amazing velvety surface, but are rather capricious in operation.
  • Nubuck – looks like suede, but is made from a different class of skins.
  • PU leather is a base made of glued natural fibers with a polyurethane layer, but some manufacturers may label it as a completely artificial material.

Each type has advantages and disadvantages. The wear resistance and beauty of the product is affected by the nature of the dressing and processing of the skin. To exclude the possibility of buying a fake, buy from trusted manufacturers. These are the ones sold on the We Love Bags website. Ask for quality certificates.

Women’s Leather Bags: Main Selection Criteria

  • Versatility. The bag should blend flawlessly with the rest of the wardrobe. Don’t spend a fortune on a fashion accessory that doesn’t suit your style. The size must correspond to the physique of the woman and contain all the required things.
  • Functional. When buying a handbag, you should understand the clear purpose of its purpose. Under the festive attire, we will not look for large leather bags for women. It is better to buy a clutch or a mini-handbag on a chain with stones, rivets and sequins for such a case, which is not suitable for everyday use.
  • Design. We recommend conciseness and minimalism for every day. But more fashionable evening bags can be covered with pearls or rhinestones, decorated with fringe, embossing and cubic zirkonia.
  • The strap should not be too long or too short. It’s great if the length of the belt is adjustable and adapts to your needs.
  • Pockets. In terms of practicality, you should pay attention to the number of compartments both outside and inside.
  • The zippered main compartment ensures safety and convenience. It is possible to choose options with a zipper, a magnetic button, a briefcase lock or open access.
  • Color and texture set trends. Black, gray, brown, beige and white are associated with sophistication and are considered basic. But do not drive yourself into the framework of monotony. Bet on bright accents.

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Of course, now there is a trend for eco-leather and various types of substitutes. But we must admit that genuine leather has not lost its relevance. This is especially true for people who value individuality. However, the most trendy bags in all materials can be ordered from the We Love Bags online store.