A properly selected hand cream performs several important functions at the same time – it moisturizes the skin, nourishes it, rejuvenates it, slows down the aging process in the skin structures, and protects against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. The composition of this type of cosmetics should not contain ingredients that violate the natural balance of the skin, causing harm to health. How to choose a hand cream and not make a mistake? Stick to simple recommendations and your choice will surely be right. Excellent cosmetics can be ordered on the Erborian website.

Read The Ingredients Carefully

Modern hand creams are made on the basis of natural active ingredients that have the most intense, but at the same time gentle effect on the skin. Most often, the formula of such products includes vitamins C and E, as well as natural oils, peptides, antioxidants that prevent free radicals from affecting the skin, coenzyme Q10 complex, collagen, fruit acids, glycerin. Cosmetics made from the highest quality components can be ordered on the Erborian website.

Effective Hand Cream Protects Against UV Light

When comparing several creams, choose the one with the ability to protect the skin from UV rays. Moreover, this rule is relevant not only for summer creams, but also for products used in the cold season, because even with a minimum amount of radiation falling on the integument, the result may not be the most pleasant and useful. An excellent cream that protects against environmental influences can be bought on the Erborian website.

Cream For Restoring The Skin Of The Hands Should Have A Pleasant Texture

The cream should be not only effective, but also pleasant to use. Choose a product that has a light, fast-absorbing texture. The cream should not leave greasy marks on the skin, it should be absorbed by the skin as quickly as possible, without creating a shiny layer and unpleasant stickiness.

Age Appropriate

Choose a cream, taking into account the recommendations of manufacturers. The thing is that over time, skin cells need a different set of nutrients and moisturizing substances – their concentration, ratio, and names change. As a rule, the age range for use is indicated on the packaging of cosmetics. The opinion that using a cream for older skin you will achieve a faster and more noticeable result is wrong. Thus, you can only harm the covers.

Pay Attention To Skin Type

Choose a cream according to your skin type. If your main concern is dry hands, opt for formulas with deep hydration and nourishment. To eliminate the signs of aging, sagging skin, its dullness, wrinkles, choose a cream with a rejuvenating anti-aging effect. Studies have shown that narrowly targeted products are much more effective than universal creams. Cosmetics for different skin types can be ordered on the Erborian website.

Which Hand Cream To Use In Winter And Which To Use In Summer

How to choose a hand cream in winter and does the season matter when buying cosmetics? In order to understand the difference between the necessary properties of cosmetics for winter and summer, you should pay attention to the external factors affecting the skin. Frosty dry winter air dries the skin very much, constant wearing of gloves irritates the skin. In the cold season, the skin of the hands needs the most attention – nutrition, hydration, protection from frost, wind. “Winter” creams are thicker in texture, saturated with oils, they can contain glycerin, a large amount of vitamins.

The main reason for the need to use the cream in the summer is the lack of moisture, ultraviolet exposure and other external factors (for example, salt in sea water has both a regenerating and healing effect on the skin, and excessively dries the skin).

Cosmetics for different seasons can be bought on the Erborian website.