A bed is not just a wooden structure, but a resting place. Here a person replenishes energy. This is a place of power. And from this point of view, it is necessary that it be not only durable, but also extremely comfortable. Naturally, the presence of a rigid frame is critical for the spine. A good orthopedic mattress and pillows repeating the contour of the head. But this is all strictly optional: some people like it to be softer. However, you need to have some idea of ​​what to choose from. Camif online store made a selection of TOP tips. Guided by them, you can at least not make a mistake and order a good headset. Go!

Types Of Wood For The Bed

When you start looking for a reliable bed that will last you for many years, pay attention to the frame. It must be made of hardwood. The solid construction will cope with heavy loads and even children jumping. These include oak, beech and ash. Such a bedroom set can be ordered in the Camif online store.

The most popular material for beds is beech board. He is not afraid of seasonal changes in humidity in the room. It will easily withstand a person with a lot of weight or an active child. Solid and durable beech wood is resistant to mechanical damage. So, if you have an animal at home that is not yet accustomed to sharpening its claws and teeth in a special place, hardwood will withstand absolutely calmly. Lamels made of this material also proved to be excellent in operation. A hardwood bed can be ordered from the Camif online store.

At the first stage of processing, the wood is thoroughly dried. Dry wood holds its shape and size well. This is a rather complicated process. If it passes in violation of the rules, the tree will react to changes in humidity and temperature in the room. The bed will begin to dry out, the fasteners may weaken, and the joints may loosen and creak. Looking at a new bed, it is impossible to determine how well the wood is processed, defects will appear only during the service. Therefore, it is better to buy a wooden bed in the Camif online store. Here, you will receive a 2-year warranty.

Choosing A Wooden Bed: What Affects The Coating

The bed frame can be covered with oil, varnish or paint. But, usually, oil-wax is applied to it – a special composition that protects the tree from pests and accidental damage.

Both lacquer and oil leave visible the texture and natural pattern of wood, which is liked by lovers of natural elements in design. At the same time, penetrating into the fibers, these types of coatings strengthen the tree and create an additional protective layer. Oiled or lacquered wood does not dry out or darken when exposed to air, and is not afraid of scratches or a hot coffee cup. It will not leave stains from spilled liquid. If you like furniture with a glossy surface, choose a lacquered bed. Want a matte effect – pay attention to the oil. All variants of wooden beds can be purchased at the Camif online store.

Paint has the same properties as varnish and oil. At the same time, it allows you to fit the bed into the interior of the bedroom as accurately as possible. A thin layer of paint adds color to the furniture, but does not hide the wood texture, so the result is very picturesque. The choice of shade depends on the taste of the buyer.

Coatings have different protection mechanisms. The main strength and difference of the oil coating is that it penetrates into the fibers of the tree and protects it from the inside. And varnish and paint form a film on the surface that protects the tree from the outside. This is a significant criterion that affects the durability of the headset.


The quality of the fittings largely determines the life of the bed. Furniture made using inexpensive no-name fittings will cost less. But soft metal will not be able to properly withstand the load. At best, the bed will soon loosen. At worst, parts can break and cause injury.

Pay attention to certificates and quality assurance of all fittings that are used in the bed – from the lifting mechanism to the bolt or nut. If necessary, also consider in advance whether there is a need for additional storage space. If yes, then a bed with a lifting mechanism or drawers will do. For the second option, good portable wheels are important so that the retractable containers slide out smoothly. And in the first case, high-quality fittings are almost the main component of the entire structure. These models can be ordered from the Camif online store.

A good bed is a healthy spine, and therefore, internal organs. Therefore, it is vital to carefully check everything and weigh the pros and cons of the purchase.