Summer is the season of holidays and recreation. A trip to the sea, abroad, to the mountains or a sanatorium for vacation requires careful preparation, collection of important and necessary things. Change of clothes, hygiene products and so on. In order for the trip to bring the expected pleasant impressions and relaxation, you should take care of choosing a stylish, reliable and durable suitcase in advance. The safety of your luggage, having everything you need away from home is an important part of choosing the right travel bag for your vacation. By the way, there is a large collection of suitcases in the Galeria online store. But how to choose a suitcase so that it is as convenient, multifunctional, practical and durable as possible? Online store Galeria a few tips that you should pay attention to. This is important when choosing such an important accessory for leisure and travel. Go!

Having made a choice in favor of a suitcase, we focus on the following selection criteria.

Tip #1. The Size

When choosing a small (S), medium (M) or large (L) suitcase, you should decide for how many people it is intended for. For how many days you plan to rest (and in the future too).

A small suitcase is suitable for hand luggage, its volume is not more than 40 liters, and its dimensions do not exceed 40-55 cm. This size is the best choice for traveling one person for a short time. These include: business trips, overnight stays, and so on. It is better to choose small devices with 2 wheels, 4 is extra weight and size.

The average suitcase has a size of up to 70 cm and a volume of up to 85 liters. Such a device is suitable for recreation and travel of two people, but it will need to be handed over to the luggage compartment (you can keep a small one with you).

Large models are up to 100 cm in size and are suitable for a family of 3-4 people for 3-4 days or 2 people for a whole week. Large bags perfectly fit fragile items, voluminous outfits. When choosing a large travel accessory, it is better to give preference to models on 4 wheels. It will be more stable and therefore easier to transport.

When choosing the size of the suitcase, also consider the restrictions of the transport in which you will travel. Many airlines have strict size criteria. Therefore, they may force you to repack your luggage or pay a separate cost for it. A bag of any size can be ordered in the Galeria online store.

Tip #2. Material

Most suitcases are made from fabric, plastic and leather. Consider the features of each.

Fabric models are lightweight, most of them are specially impregnated from moisture, dampness, and dirt. Polyester and nylon are the most commonly used. Strong, durable and strong materials, but can be deformed under the influence of external physical factors.

Plastic models – more expensive, but easy to use, do not let moisture, dampness, odors, dust inside. Not afraid of deformation and external factors. Minus – it scratches. Plastic can also be plain or ASB. The second is more durable, elastic.

Leather options are preferred by lovers of luxury and sophistication. Leather is a durable material, but requires proper care and is not cheap.

Also, hybrid models are presented to users. They combine both plastic and fabric. The disadvantage of such models is that they can get wet, lose their shape, and cannot withstand loads. Models from all types of fabric can be ordered in the Galeria online store.

Tip #3. Wheels

The most important detail is the availability, quality and quantity of wheels. Reliable fastening will serve the suitcase for a long time. Be convenient in transportation.

There can be 2 wheels – it is preferable for small and medium models, they behave better on uneven surfaces. 4 – for large. Models with 4 – can have wheels of the same or different sizes – the front ones are small and the rear ones are large. They are not very convenient for moving on uneven surfaces, they can tip over.

Polyurethane is considered the best material for wheels. Fastening – screw fittings and rivets. Any models of bags can be bought in the Galeria online store.

Tip #4. Zippers, Locks

Without a zipper, probably, a suitcase is not a suitcase. For the device to serve for a long time and reliably, the zippers must be wide, easy to fasten. It is desirable that they be made of reliable and durable materials (plastic spiral zippers). It is better to choose a lock not one, but several at once – coded and hinged. With several protection options, you will ensure the reliability, safety and security of your luggage. Any models of bags can be bought in the Galeria online store.

Tip #5. Additional Features

In addition to the pocket, compartments that allow you to conveniently place all things, modern suitcase models may have additional functions. Since luggage is often lost during travel, and only a small percentage of vacationers find it, manufacturers of “smart suitcases” have equipped modern models with smart features – built-in scales, tracking, charging. Built-in scales help display the weight of luggage, thereby regulating the availability of things (after all, some airlines have weight restrictions). GPS tracking helps to track the location of luggage online. This is regulated by a special application on the smartphone. Portable charging allows you to charge your phone, tablet, watch and other gadgets without leaving your place. Some suitcases are equipped with a robot. He independently moves it after the owner (a camera and a motion sensor are installed, enough for 20 km). But the best and most reliable models can be bought in the Galeria online store.

We hope our advice will help you choose and purchase a good suitcase. Spend an unforgettable vacation, taking with you everything you need! Bon Voyage!