A casual watch should go well not only with your wardrobe, but also with your daily routine. For example, classic mechanical models may not be suitable for a person who plays sports and monitors the performance of his body. But for someone who constantly participates in business meetings and meetings at the highest level, it will be useful to emphasize their status with the help of strict classic watches. If you can’t find a watch for every day for a long time, read this article. We’ve put together the latest tips here. By the way, the best watches can be bought on the Rox website. Follow the pinned link! And we won’t waste time. Let’s go!

Without really delving into the technical details (they are of interest only to specialists and fans of cool watches), it is reasonable to select watches according to the parameters indicated below. Type of mechanism and dial. This is an objectively important parameter that determines the cost of watches and the accuracy of their movement. There are two main types of movements: classical mechanics and quartz. On the Rox website, you can pick up watches with both mechanics and quartz movements.

Mechanical watches come only with hands, while quartz watches come with analog, electronic and hybrid dials. Quartz watches with electronic indication are usually called electronic. Most smart watches also have electronic indication (with familiar numbers, but imitation of arrows may also be present). However, it makes sense to talk about this in detail a little later. In the online store Rox you can order watches for every taste – from suit to casual.

  • Glass. The slightest crack in the glass – and moisture begins to seep into the mechanism. The most durable and expensive at the moment is sapphire glass (it can only be scratched by a diamond), but it is installed only on premium watches in a high price segment. Very good quality mineral glass, representing the optimal parity of price and quality. But watches with organic glass can only be taken out of hopelessness: it is quickly scratched and overwritten to such an extent that it is difficult to see the hands and numbers. On the Rox website you can see all the characteristics of the watch you are interested in.
  • Waterproof. Another important parameter is water resistance. It is expressed in atmospheres, bars, meters, WR units (depending on the manufacturer) and is indicated both in technical specifications and on watch dials (not always, but in most cases). In this case, the following ratio is determined: 100 WR = 10 ATM = 10 bar = 100 meters.

This indicator can be interpreted as follows:

  • Minimum degrees of protection of 3 bar give weak water protection. Unless, from rain and splashes of water when washing hands.
  • Water resistance of 5 bar is also minimal: only splashes of water, however, are thicker and larger.
  • An indicator of 10 bar makes it possible to safely immerse the watch in water (take a shower, swim, and so on).
  • The water resistance of 20 bar makes the watch suitable for most water sports.
  • 30 or more bar is already the main characteristic of diving watches designed for deep diving. Diving watches are certified according to a separate ISO 6425 standard. In addition to a minimum water resistance of 300 meters, they must have luminous markers and hands, a protected crown, and a unidirectional rotating bezel with minute markings. On the Rox website you can order the most trendy watches.
  • Impact resistance. If you are not accustomed to being delicate with accessories, like an active lifestyle and extreme sports, it is better to pay attention to shock-resistant watches. This characteristic is necessarily indicated in the data sheet of the watch and seriously increases their cost.

Many manufacturers test watches for shock resistance in the most severe ways: they are dropped from a great height, run over by a car, and even blown up by grenades nearby.

  • Body material. There is only one requirement: the material must be reliable, durable and presentable. It cannot be said that a steel case is better than, for example, a plastic one: it all depends on the quality of the material. Cases made of high-quality stainless steel and impact-resistant plastic in watches from reputable manufacturers are equally good. Care should be taken with coated cases. A cheap coating (even gilding) will quickly wear off, leaving bare metal exposed, vulnerable to corrosion.

More expensive models are covered mainly by technologies: PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). This type of coating is distinguished by greater mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, but it suffers quite strongly from water and chemicals (even household chemicals and perfumes). The coatings are predominantly titanium nitride and carbide, which are deposited on the base metal by sputtering during steam condensation. IP (Ion Plating). IP coverage is essentially an advanced version of the technology described above. It is applied by bombarding the base metal with ions of a protective substance (usually also based on titanium). Thus, you can not only protect the watch case, but also give it any color. IP-coating is more resistant to chemicals and salt water, and it also withstands mechanical stress.

  • Diamond like carbon. Before you is the most expensive and durable coating – diamond-like carbon (carbon). It is distinguished by champion strength to all types of impact and protects the watch case up to 80 years! The diamond-like carbon coating does not wear off or scratch, does not accumulate static electricity, it can be safely “bathed” in salt water and brought into close contact with household chemicals. Cases of the most expensive jewelry watches are made of precious metals – gold and silver, often with the addition of precious stones. Watches in cases made of titanium and shock-resistant ceramics are not considered jewelry, but they are also not cheap.
  • Strap or bracelet. A strap made of soft genuine leather is, of course, great, but only if you are not going to subject the watch to serious tests. In contact with, for example, salt water, even premium leather of excellent dressing becomes rough and cracked over time. Therefore, now leather straps are supplied mainly with “costume” models that are not intended for extreme sports. Much more common are straps made of artificial polymers (including silicone), which sit nicely on the wrist and are invulnerable to moisture, as well as metal bracelets.

When choosing a watch with a bracelet, you should pay attention to its flexibility and the ability to adjust exactly to size. Additional options. The main function of the watch is to show the time, but the possibilities of modern models do not end there. What they just do not build in: tachometers, stopwatches, alarm clocks, altimeters, WI-FI modules, the ability to adjust by radio signal, and so on.

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