The fact that stylists designate women’s suits as a must-have is no surprise to anyone. Lights are a must in every woman’s wardrobe. And although they are still associated with a strict business dress code, designers confidently break stereotypes by offering them in various interpretations. It turns out that suits can be worn not only to work, but every day. There are a great many of them. In various stylistic interpretations.

Undoubtedly, they will continue to be the flagship of office style. But the couturiers made sure that women’s suits became part of the urban style, casual and sport chic trends. Considering the trends for autumn-winter 2022-2023, you can identify the most current trends that you will be interested to know about. This allows you to both update your wardrobe and get things that have become fashionable, but were forgotten in previous years.

This season, they are sewn from bouclé, satin, sequins, linen, knitwear, knitting, tweed, wool, lace and chiffon, mixed fabrics of different colors. By the way, if you want to sew a suit for yourself, then the best fabric for this can be ordered on the website.

Back to costumes. Both monochromatic tones and interesting patterns and prints will be relevant, which makes them even more colorful.

Depending on the features of the cut, you can immediately imagine one or another option. If you are attracted to discreet trouser and skirt suits for women, but occasionally, you even want to change the image. Additional details and accessories, special shoes can help with this. For example: a red knitted angora suit and white sneakers on a high platform. White Chelsea boots will be the perfect addition to this getup. But the color should be creamy.

You can add red suede stiletto heels to a laconic trouser suit in white, blue, beige, black, blue. But it’s more for publicity.

If we talk about business style, then we need more discreet shoes in brown, dark gray, blue or black. Bright shades in the office look are bad manners. By the way, if you want to order a good fabric for sewing trendy clothes, then follow the fixed link to the website.

Casual: Various knitted knee-high sweaters with a classic jacket and trousers are perfect here. Under this bow, you can safely put on both classic shoes and various kinds of semi-boots and boots. Looks very elegant and stylish. Over the knee boots are also possible, if the length of the leg allows, but only if the trousers are tight. By the way, in this version, you can use military elements: a sweater, a leather jacket, breeches, and knee-high boots. The only detail – boots and jacket must be the same color. Instead of a jacket, you can use a long raincoat. Let’s say: black golf, gray knitted suit, black raincoat and black high boots. And the fabric for sewing a suit for this look can be ordered on the website

In general, suits with a straight cut of trousers have become very fashionable this season. Here, too, there are combination options – from a knitted oversized with hunting coats, to a sports version with a classic coat. However, for a look that is original, stylish, and unique, order fabric for tailoring at

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