Everyone, without exception, knows the American company Avon. Its products have become a benchmark in some areas of cosmetic production. Also, face creams are very popular because of the price-quality ratio. But the effect on the skin of the composition itself has its own characteristics. Foremost, the formula allows you to retain moisture with the help of water-binding elements. They work on the principle of containment and containment. At the same time, moisture evenly diverges in all pores and penetrates deep inside.

How Does It Work?

Water-binding components attract water and hold it in the skin. Reduce moisture loss. Softening – fill the gaps between the scales, smoothing the texture of the skin, and at the same time improving its barrier functions; the latter include lipids, oils, fatty alcohols. Only the first two types of ingredients are directly related to water: some hold it in, while the latter work like a locked door and do not allow moisture to escape.

Occlusive agents are literally called “blockers”: they create a film on the skin that reduces transepidermal fluid loss. These include petroleum jelly, lanolin acid, mineral oil, cholesterol, beeswax, squalene. Some substances, such as cyclomethicone and dimethicone, are also emollients, which is logical from the point of view of the mechanics of the process: by filling the space between the scales, the substance at the same time creates a protective layer. Products with occlusive components should be applied to wet skin so that they have something to lock: it is recommended to distribute the cream between the palms and apply in the direction of hair follicle growth.

Water-binding components in cosmetics are synthesized NMFs that are located on the surface of the horny skin scales and are able to attract moisture. They are almost entirely composed of amino acids – 40-48% – and their metabolites. The main salt of glutamic acid is sodium pyroglutamate or Na-PCA (10-12%).

In general, such creams are needed for people who have dry skin. The fact is that due to the low content of lipids and NMF, the skin constantly loses moisture. Accordingly, it becomes covered with wrinkles faster. That is, the protective cover of the body is permanently damaged and cannot adequately perform the functions of protecting the body. In turn, the pores begin to actively respond to external stimuli and increase in size in order to absorb more water. Accordingly, microorganisms that cause skin diseases can more easily enter through the pores and spread. At the same time, they cause various inflammations and irritations.

To make the skin look younger and healthier, you need to cover it with occlusive products that have moisturizing ingredients. They should be used periodically during those periods when it is most vulnerable to external influences. For example, in the height of summer or winter. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation and frost adversely affect the skin. After this course, you can return to the minimum daily care. Here, among others, creams with water-binding components are useful to retain more moisture.

In other words, you need to have not only funds for everyday use, but also for special cases, which were mentioned above. Moreover, if heavy makeup is often used, which negatively affects the very cellular structure of the skin, then this is an absolute necessity. Otherwise, sooner rather than later, the face will lose its freshness and elasticity. And it is very difficult to restore the former shine and youthfulness of the skin. You will need special procedures that restore health over a long period of time.

Everything is good in moderation! Love yourself!