When it comes to home wear, the fundamental factors are comfort, simplicity and quality. Naturally, what we wear at home, what we go to bed in, should be as soft and cosy as possible. Of course, the fabric is selected soft and adapts to any position of the body that a person occupies. It is very important that there is no clamping of the cervical vertebrae during sleep or rest. This applies to clothing with a hood. But what do you say if it is half a dressing gown and half a body shirt. If it will not only be convenient to walk around the house, put it on after taking a shower, but also relax after a hard day’s work, a gruelling workout. Tactile sensations from it will be so pleasant that when you remember the warmth and comfort, you will form the image of this particular clothing.

Why Oodie?

Oodie is a versatile and stylish take on “home sweet home”. Reflection of the term “tube comfort”. The image of a large panoramic window overlooking the forest, a pillow and a blanket on the windowsill come to mind. In the hands of Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray” or JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. The fireplace is burning, crackling with dry logs, next to it is a cup of hot tea and your favourite cookies (or ham sandwiches – whoever likes what). A soft hood is thrown over the head, and warm socks are put on the feet. But most importantly, no one bothers to enjoy your favourite book and the atmosphere of comfort. It is such a pleasant, but extremely intimate feeling when we are alone with ourselves that when choosing clothes for home and sleep, the phrase “individual approach” takes on a special meaning. It transforms into something completely separate, extremely important and irreplaceable. And Oodie gives this feeling of security and warmth of the parental home. When you come to mom and dad, and you realize that all the worries are left behind.

Naturally, in order for clothes to have such qualities and evoke such an associative array, it is necessary that they be made of soft, pleasant, but reliable fabrics. But here it is also worth remembering that it should not only be comfortable and pleasant, but also look good. You won’t always change when your friends come over. Home clothes are also an important part of the wardrobe. And, strange as it may sound, it should be of no less, and perhaps even higher quality than for everyday wear. Oodie meets all of the above requirements. These clothes evoke a sense of nostalgia and, at the same time, a childish joy from freedom of movement. It was as if someone had lifted a heavy burden from their shoulders.