What does a woman who has been quarantined at home for almost two years want? Style, trends, colors! However, it rarely came out. And you also need to consider that all of her work, basically, was remotely. Yes, last year it was a little easier, but, anyway, last year’s trends are calm, moderate and even classic style. Its main colors were brown, gray, white, and various earthy hues. This year, freedom and openness prevail, like in the collection displayed on Roman. Awakening from a long hibernation and inhibited state.

So, in the spring and summer of 2022, the following will be in fashion:

  • Miniskirts in the style of the 80s;
  • Pants and skirts with low waist. They were worn in the 2000s, and here it is again;
  • Bras instead of tops and T-shirts;
  • Bathing suits. Underwear – as a new type of outerwear;
  • Dresses, skirts and blouses with cutouts;
  • Clothes of very bright colors, like you can find on Roman’s website;
  • Clothes made of transparent fabrics. Well, very transparent – that’s a fact;
  • Clothing made of fabrics with a metallic sheen is an echo of last year;
  • Clothes in pastel shades, – to the previous paragraph;
  • Pleated skirts;
  • Dresses, blouses and skirts with crocheted and lace;
  • Striped clothes;
  • Clothes in a cage, more precisely, with a guinea print;
  • Butterflies. They can act as an accessory, style or print.

Spring-Summer Trend

In fashion, the style of the eighties, nineties and the beginning of 21st century are represented by the same wardrobe elements. As a result, fashion houses and stores, like Roman, included certain items of clothing from different segments of these periods in their collections. Moreover, many couturiers staged a fashion show in the style of the 80s: models walked along the same catwalk as in those years, and they posed for photographers in the same way as was customary 35-40 years ago. Everything new is well forgotten old.

It is difficult to imagine the style of the eighties without straight miniskirts and in the shape of such a short trapeze. More than one generation of women grew up on this, whose youth fell on the penultimate decade of the 20th century. This fashion has even penetrated the rocker environment, where the miniskirt has become leathery and somewhat brutal. It was mandatory to wear lace-up boots or high boots in military style under it. This is a kind of declaration of gender equality: it is emphasized that it is effortless to replace a miniskirt with low-waist leather trousers.

This trend applies to everything – trousers, skirts and shorts. At the same time, short tops that expose the stomach as much as possible will be popular. Don’t forget to check them at Roman! At the same time, they leave some understatement and elusiveness in the image. But this in no way signifies vulgarity and vicious frivolity. On the contrary, it is a manifesto of dropping everything superfluous after a total ban.

In addition, fashion houses presented classic skirts and trousers, but also with a low fit. This is all combined with jackets, capes and cropped jackets. Under them, instead of the usual T-shirts and T-shirts, there are bras.

Bras instead of blouses, tops and even crop tops are in fashion in spring and summer 2022… This is all a natural evolution towards the subconscious throwing off of psychological shackles. On the other hand, if we say “yes” to a crop top, then why does a bra need to say “no”?

But, you need to dress in a comfortable way. Clothing should correspond to the inner state of a person. Otherwise, it looks improper! Roman has variants for every look!