Decided to start exploring Scotland? The sights of Glasgow will be a worthy starting point for this purpose. Musical events, free museums, interesting shopping. In daily walks, you won’t even have a question what to see in Glasgow, because the city is known for its rich historical heritage and modern novelties. From here it is easy to continue your tourist route further, to the islands or to the highlands of the country. In this article, together with the EasyJet Holidays website, we have prepared an overview of the top must-see places! Let’s go!

1. Merchant City Area

Be sure to include this heritage of the once prosperous area, which was home to wealthy merchants, on your trip. Over time, the area was reconstructed, supplemented with office centers and industrial-scale fashion stores. The success of architectural metamorphoses and the level of development were so high that the area was awarded the title of Laureate of the Academy of Urbanism in 2006. This place is often called a party place because of the large number of entertainment venues. On the website EasyJet Holidays you can book a tour and get to know the sights of Glasgow in more detail.

2. Building of the City Council

A bright architectural landmark that no tourist will pass by. The building is interesting with its central pediment richly decorated with sculptures. The interior is dominated by mosaics. Marble columns, granite stairs, murals lavishly decorated with gold leaf, earthenware, precious stones deserve special attention.

3. University of Glasgow

One of the four oldest universities in the UK is one of the best sights in Glasgow. First of all, thanks to the architecture of the building, which is an example of the neo-Gothic style. Today it is a major research center. 9 faculties, almost 6 thousand employees and more than two tens of thousands of students speak of the scale and prestige of the institution. To enjoy the architecture of Glasgow, book a tour with EasyJet Holidays.

4. Mitchell Library

Public library, one of the largest in Europe. The architecture of the building is remarkable for the statue placed on the green dome. She is a kind of symbol of Glasgow. The library collections are huge. Most of them are collected in the western part of the library. On the territory of the building there is a small theater with a capacity of up to 500 spectators.

5. Botanical Garden

Although not the main, but still the sights of Glasgow. A small, well-groomed area welcomes visitors with blooming greenery. Trimmed lawns, a large number of flowers and a mass of people strolling idly sets the mood for a rest. A very beautiful greenhouse with tropical plants and succulents.

6. Royal Concert Hall

Most of the large-scale musical performances are given on the stage of this hall. The main concert hall, relatively young in terms of architecture, is ready to accommodate 2.5 thousand spectators at once. The genre in which performers perform is wide: from rock to classical music. In addition to music, ceremonial and celebratory civic events are held here. To experience the unique atmosphere of Scotland, book tours for weekends and holidays with EasyJet Holidays.

There are interesting places in Glasgow with huge expositions of paintings by famous artists. This Gallery was built at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries; the red sandstone building turned out to be massive and recognizable. The author of the project conveyed the Spanish Gothic style through several towers crowned with sharp spiers. Arched windows with characteristic frames of colonnades on the facade stand out in the architectural ensemble. In the exhibition of paintings you can see the works of Rubens, Degas, Titian, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Van Gogh, Picasso. In addition to paintings, there are sculptures, weapons, and archaeological treasures. To enjoy these works of art, book a tour with EasyJet Holidays.

8. The Burrell Collection

Listing the main attractions of Glasgow briefly, let’s dwell on this collection separately. The building in which it is stored is located in a country park. Burrell was a businessman who collected art. In the middle of the last century, he gave them to his native city, however, with the condition of a certain approach to choosing a building for his exhibits. As a result, the Burrell collection settled in Pollock Castle, and today art objects from different periods are presented here.

Scotland is amazing and beautiful. To see it, just book a tour to any of its points on the EasyJet Holidays website!