A fountain is perhaps the best decoration for a garden . But setting it up is not easy. To do this, you need to lay the appropriate communications, install enough overall equipment: pumps, power modules, and so on. But what if at the end of the work you want to move the fountain to another place? Start all over again? The Coopers online store offers an alternative option – buy a solar-powered portable garden fountain. Heliofountains operate autonomously and do not depend on the mains. Therefore, during their installation and operation, you will avoid significant costs. The solar-powered fountain itself can be purchased at the Coopers online store.

By visiting the Coopers online store, you can choose the right solar-powered pond fountain. Affordable price and excellent quality are guaranteed. Solar powered fountains are compact and do not need power supply. Therefore, they can be installed anywhere. Free to change location. In the Coopers online store, solar-powered pond fountains are available in various capacities.

Solar Powered Pond Fountain: Varieties And Design Features

Structurally, any fountain for a solar-powered pond consists of:

• the fountain itself;

• pressure pump;

• internal pipeline;

• solar battery.

For the simplest fountains, low-voltage pumps are used, and more complex models are equipped with a battery (in case of cloudy weather, for operation at night). The fountain kit can also include all kinds of nozzles and lights to make the water composition even more charming.

Using a special power adapter, it is possible to connect a solar-powered fountain for garden ponds to a 220 V central power supply. Therefore, such fountains are often installed not only outdoors, but also indoors. For example: winter gardens, greenhouses, living rooms and so on. Heliofountains are of 2 types:

• with integrated solar cells. Batteries are placed on the body of the fountain, so they should be installed in areas with free access to sunlight;

• with external batteries. Photocells are connected to the fountain with wires, so it can be placed even in shaded areas, leaving the batteries in the sun.

A portable fountain is not only beautiful, but also extremely convenient. You don’t need to constantly monitor him (of course, once a season you can’t do without prevention). For him, you do not need to conduct a separate branch of communications, as for a stationary one. It is convenient to use. And, most importantly, pleasing to the eye.

We invite you to visit the Coopers online store and choose the right equipment for artificial reservoirs. And also, a vacuum cleaner for the pond.