There are many sports supplements that affect the body in different ways. Some are fat-burning, like L-carnitine, restoring – creatine-containing drugs, and so on. But there are also supplements that are designed to gain mass – you can easily find them on MyProtein. That is Gainer. We will talk about it today. Go!

What Is Gainer?

Gainer is a special nutritional supplement for athletes, consisting of natural protein and carbohydrates. The percentage of these substances can vary from 50/40 to 75/15, depending on the manufacturer and type. In addition to the carbohydrate-protein basis, this type of food also includes a mixture of several proteins and carbohydrates with a different glycemic index – for the constant renewal of glycogen in the muscles and quick recovery after active sports. In addition to the main components, a quality gainer features a wide range of vitamins, minerals, unsaturated fats and digestive enzymes. These substances provide easy and fast digestion of protein, contribute to the formation of optimal energy potential and the rapid growth of muscle mass.

The composition of the gainer

The proportion is about 50 to 50, but most often carbohydrates predominate. Such a mixture quickly and without harm increases muscle mass. Due to the carbohydrate composition of different complexity with different glycemic index. This contributes to the emergence of more energy in the body and creates the necessary supply of glycogen in muscle tissues. In addition, many gainers contain protein or a whole complex of them: this component gives the athlete amino acids that help to recover after a hard workout quickly.

Benefits Of A Gainer

Each component of specialized sports nutrition has its pros and cons. But this supplement is absolutely universal, it is suitable for almost everyone and, when used correctly, has no side effects. What are its main advantages?

  • Restores energy after training, which helps to reduce the feeling of fatigue throughout the body;
  • Increases the amount of amino acids in the body;
  • Increases the energy potential at the cellular level, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the entire muscle corset;
  • Removes hypertonicity, which leads to involuntary muscle contraction (that is, to convulsions);
  • Without problems, increases muscle mass by as much as 2-8 kg per month;
  • Gainers with useful components (creatine, vitamins, etc.) can restore the overall health of the whole organism and increase immunity;
  • Has no contraindications! When used correctly, even people who are prone to fullness will be able to achieve quick and desirable results, despite the high content of carbohydrates.

How To Take A Gainer?

The optimal time to take this supplement is to rest after a workout, when numerous proteins and carbohydrates have been spent. Accordingly, in this case, the gainer can return all the spent forces, tone the muscle tissue and stop the process of catabolism. You can also take a gainer from MyProtein an hour and a half before exercise, since it takes time for it to be absorbed in the cells of the body, and you can work out much more intensively and longer: many carbohydrates enter the body, which must be burned. At the same time, the protein begins to catalyze the flow of intense biochemical reactions, creating conditions for the generation of new muscle fibers. At the same time, he is actively involved in the metabolism. Some proteins perform a structural or mechanical function, forming a cytoskeleton that maintains the shape of cells. Proteins also play a key role in cell signaling systems, in the immune response, and in the cell cycle. Combining the main components – carbohydrates as conditional fuel for the body and proteins – “building material”, – we got an excellent supplement. It provides the necessary glycogen for muscles, brain activity and activates growth at the cellular level due to the correct interaction of amino acids, essential vitamins and minerals.

In conclusion, it is necessary to remind: be sure, before visiting MyProtein, consult a sports doctor who will write out the dosage and the correct intake for you. Even people with extensive experience in sports, dependably, turn to specialists.