There is nothing that better shows a man’s intentions than a bouquet of flowers. Of course, all relationships between people are a combination of factors and chemical processes in the body, but a composition of roses or tulips is the crown of a certain stage of relationships. Previously, for example, men without fail took carnations or peonies on a date, which already spoke of the feelings to the beloved one and confirmation of intentions towards her. Each flower symbolizes a different season. Each of them has its sacred meaning.

Back to the History

For example, the symbol of the goddess Ishtar (Ashtaroth) or Inanna was a white rose with red spots on the sides. According to legend, Inanna shed tears of blood on them for her beloved, the high priest of her temple. Another name for this flower is Damascus rose. By the way, a dark purple or black rose is considered a symbol of the elder Lilith – the dark moon, sexuality and attractiveness. It is this combination that is often used in oriental perfumery. For example: patchouli rose combined with musk and damask rose. This fragrance is called Rose Ishtar. Or Damask rose, black rose Lilith with sandalwood and musk – also a very attractive combination.

In general, flowers and gods in ancient times were inseparable. Not a single ritual took place without flowers. At first, bouquets were sacrificed, then cereals, and later – cattle.

Which Flowers to Choose?

Rose petals strewed the path of the victors in Rome, they also covered the bed. It was believed that they bring youth, longevity and draw various diseases and bad energy from the body that have accumulated during the day.

Also, in the modern world, cotton flowers are very popular, which symbolize innocence and wealth at the same time. They are now combined with other wildflowers. And in some cases – with reeds. This creates very interesting and unique combinations.

Delicate milk lilies, strelitzia, plumeria and calla lilies – a professional florist can create a real masterpiece only from this. After all, a bouquet of flowers is a universal gift that always pleases the eye and amuses the soul.

What About Hand-Made Bunches?

Well, if you yourself want to create a bouquet, then remember a few rules:

  1. Do not overload the bouquet with an abundance of flowers – stop at two or three main ones. If the bouquet is too bright, then its very idea will be lost in the abundance of colours and shades that will interrupt each other.
  2. Try to make the colours complement, shade and overlap with each other. Do not try to combine conflicting shades. They will stand out from the overall composition and spoil the entire ensemble.
  3. Try to keep everything either warm or cold. Sometimes, you can play on the contrast, but then, usually, a transitional, neutral colour is used.
  4. To keep the flowers longer, use only fresh material that has been cut with a special pruner or knife. Do not cut the stems with scissors, as they have a specific shape, which spoils the structure of the base and leads to rapid fading.
  5. Avoid strict symmetry – this option seems boring and out of place.
  6. Decide on the shape of the bouquet. Large and large are more suitable for women, and for men it is better – elongated.
  7. Do not press the flowers too tightly together. They lose their freshness faster. It is best to separate them with other, neutral and soft plants.