The Lacoste leather bag is the accessory that every girl should have in her wardrobe. It wears well, keeps its shape, does not lose color, and, among other things, it is fashionable. If you are planning to buy a leather bag for yourself, then let’s take a closer look at which options are more relevant. First of all, you should pay your attention to be in the trend of 2022.

Leather bags

Hobos have become one of the most popular types of fashionable women’s bags made of Lacoste genuine leather in 2022. This is a soft product without a frame in shape, resembling a crescent moon. The handle of the bag can be very different: belt, chain, leather detail. Volumetric Lacoste models are more in demand – you can put a lot of personal items in them. And small handbags – complement perfectly the female image.

When choosing a wicker bag for yourself, pay attention to the quality of its manufacture. This is a guarantee that it will serve you for many years.

Also, do not forget about the woven clutches from Lacoste. This season they are also in trend. Moreover, knitting can be straight, like on a chessboard, or diagonal. Particularly popular are products made from small pieces of leather, interconnected by metal links. This clutch looks stylish, interesting and quite intricate.

Take a closer look at woven clutches with fittings made of natural or faux fur. These products look great in business outfits for the fall of 2022. The bag will give the image the necessary gloss.

Also, do not forget about Lacoste shoulder bags of shoulder bags. Please note that purses will also be popular. Yes, these accessories are initially considered masculine. But due to their spaciousness, wide functionality and many pockets, ladies began to borrow them more and more often. Women’s versions of purses are distinguished by more delicate types of leather. Refined fittings and a variety of shades – from black to bright red and even pink colors. Such an accessory from Lacoste can be combined with almost everything: jeans, a business dress and a classic suit.

Also in the trend of the postman. This accessory has become an integral part of casual style looks. Foremost, simple but elegant additions to the image are valued. At the same time, the models, even in the most concise design, are devoid of any hints of unisex. But you should not look for elegant and glamorous specimens in the lines of such models: dense natural leather gives gloss, respectability and high cost to simple styles.

If messengers are already a bit tired, then pay attention to the bags-tablets from Lacoste. A square or rectangular model is a casual youth option. It will perfectly complement any image in style. These are, as a rule, rectangular models in which it is convenient to carry a small laptop or documents. Trendy colors this season: dark purple, brown, dark brown and gray.

A small hobo shoulder bag will also look charming and elegant. These products quite successfully replace clutches. They can be on a chain or a braided fabric belt. An excellent representative of this class is the Lacoste handbag.

Fringed leather bags. Appearing, then disappearing from the catwalks. The trend for accessories with fringe has not lost popularity since the 1970s. They evoke the mood of the Wild West, cowboys and boundless freedom. In 2022, the fringe should be long and very noticeable. If your bag is with a short “noodles”, you are not in trend. The fringe changes on the catwalks every season and never fades. To create a stylish look, look for leather bags with extremely long fringe, literally sweeping the floor.